Trump Calls 80-Year-Old Joe Biden a Cocaine Addict

Trump is trying to make cocaine found in the White House a thing by accusing 80-year-old President Joe Biden of using cocaine.

Trump wrote on Social Truth:

People want to know the White House “Cocaine Story”. Just like I GAVE AWAY THE SECURITY TAPES FROM MAR-a-LAGO on the BOXES HOAX, the White House has security cameras (more than Mar-a-Lago!) all over the place, especially the area in question. THEY 100% KNOW WHO HE IS. If they don’t release more, it means they destroyed the tapes & Cocaine was used by Hunter, & possibly Crooked Joe, to give the President a little life & energy!

The Biden administration has repeatedly said that President Biden and his family were not at the White House when the cocaine was found.

It has been clear for years that Trump is jealous of Biden’s power. Trump accused Biden of drug use during the 2020 campaign, so the story goes on that Donald Trump doesn’t understand how healthy diet and exercise can make a person have more energy.

Trump is reverting to his old habits of saying random crazy things and hoping it will get picked up in the media. Donald Trump has nothing to do, and as the lawsuits pile up, he will only be desperate for his claims.

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