Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Wears ‘Antifa Super Soldier’ ​​Shirt in Instagram Post | The Gateway Pundit | and Cassandra MacDonald


Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, a born male who identifies as a woman, expressed her political views in an Instagram post this week.

In the Instagram post, Thomas wore an Antifa support shirt, black shorts, and a black BDSM shirt.

Thomas became the first transgender man to win an NCAA Division I national championship when he won the 500-yard freestyle in 2022.

Thomas became famous for fueling a heated debate about men competing in women’s sports.

Before choosing to compete with the girls, Thomas was 65th on the men’s team in the 500-yard freestyle and 554th in the 200-yard freestyle.

Thomas’ former partner, Paula Scanlon, appeared in Matt Walsh’s documentary “What Is A Woman” anonymously but revealed who she is to continue her fight against men being allowed in women’s and girls’ sports.


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