Withings Body Composition Scale Review – This scale knows your body better than you do!

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Review – I have been using the Withings scale every day to check my weight since my first review WiFi Body Scale back in 2010 and recently, a Withings Body Cardio Scale which I reviewed in 2016. I find their scales to be excellent in terms of reliability and ease of use. Can I say the same about their new Bodybuilding Scale? Let’s find out!

What is it?

The Withings Body Composition Scale is a wireless battery-operated scale that tracks a variety of health metrics including weight, BMI, body fat %, muscle %, visceral fat, heart rate, EDT (electrostatic discharge), and more.

What’s in the box?

  • Company opinion Withings Body Comp
  • 4 AA batteries pre-installed
  • 4 feet for carpet

Technical specifications

Weight: 9 – 440lb (5 – 200kg)
50g (0.1lb) graduates
Units: kg, lb, st lb
Dimensions: 12.8 x 12.8 x 1.1 in / 325x325x25,6mm
Power: 4x 1.5V alkaline cells (AAA)

Design and appearance

Before I get into the review, have you ever wondered how to pronounce Withings? I thought it was NDI-INGS but it turns out I was wrong! It’s a real WEE-THING. See the video where they explain the origin of their name.

The Withings Body Composition Scale has a glass top and a small display like the previous two Withings scales I’ve used. Available in black (as shown), and white.

However, the new version of the Withings Body Composition Scale is colored instead of white on black (you can’t see it in the picture above, but you can see it in the video below). This is a nice change that makes the information pop up on the screen when you stand there and see your updated stats.

If you turn the scale, you will find the battery compartment.

Unlike the Body Cardio scale I’ve been using, the Withings Body Composition Scale doesn’t have rechargeable batteries. This scale uses 4 AAA batteries and comes pre-charged. Some people will like this and some people won’t because they want to have extra batteries at all times. For me, it’s not a big deal especially since the batteries are supposed to last up to 15 months.

The scale has feet designed for hard floors but if you want to use the scale on floors with carpets, larger feet are included in the package.

These large feet easily attach to the Withings Body Composition Scale to provide a larger area to maneuver the carpet.

The Withings app

The Withings Body Composition Scale uses the same software that all Withings products use, so setting up a new scale is easy. I found that the software recognized the new scale and allowed me to measure within seconds. New measurements combined with my time and previous weights and previous scale so everything was easy and convenient.

This app gives you an easy way to view your data for all your tracking numbers and manage day, week, month, quarter, year, and all graphs.

Yeah, I’m getting fat which is not good! This app helps you see which settings are good or which can be changed.

In addition to weight, and fat, The Withings Body Composition Scale tracks other health indicators, such as your water %, bone mass %, muscle %, heart rate, and vascular age.

Additional sensors in the Withings Body Composition Scale track new biomarkers including:

Electrodermal function – Measure skin response using gland stimulation in your feet.
Visceral fat – It is the fat that is stored inside the belly and around your organs. Visceral fat can be associated with chronic diseases.
Nervous age – Monitors the age of the arteries to give you a better picture of your heart health. If your blood pressure is estimated to be greater than your age, you may be at risk of developing heart disease in the future.
Nerve Health Score (NHS) – Nerve Health Score (NHS) tests and evaluates how we detect sweat in your feet and helps diagnose and track peripheral autonomic neuropathies. The function of the sweat glands is tested by stimulating the nerves that control the sweat glands in your feet and seeing how they respond. (read more)

See yourself doing it

Don’t be alarmed by my high heart rate. I ran up the stairs before getting on the scale. 😉

I didn’t get it on video, but when you step on the scale it shows who is on the scale. The Body Comp scale can hold up to 8 users and automatically detects who is on the scale based on previous scales. If two or more users have the same weight, it will allow you to choose.

Which I like

  • Runs on standard batteries
  • Easy to install
  • It helps you see what’s going on

What I would change

Final thoughts

Like all Withings products, the Withings Body Composition Scale is another winner. I love how easy it is to use. Don’t hesitate to connect it to my phone or WiFi and load anywhere, because it does everything effortlessly in the background. I love how I can look back over a decade of data in the Withings app and it helps me see what I want to continue or change. The addition of new biomarkers is icing on the cake because as a data hound, I like to know everything I can about my body so I can stay above ground for a long time!

PricePrice: $199.95
Where to buy: Withings and Amazon
Source: An example of this review was provided by Withings.

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