NRL News 2023 | Paul Gallen presents a ‘series of problems’ with the Rooster as the last hope fades


NRL Premier League winner Paul Gallen believes about Roosters lost their mark after falling to 14th on the ladder following a 30-16 defeat to A storm Wednesday.

The club’s struggles mean they could miss out on the finals for the first time since 2016 after back-to-back Premier League finishes four years ago.

A number of problems have plagued the Roosters throughout the season, with an injury list that currently has six players.

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Sam Walker’s fall back in April it caused a lot of controversy and the back half has not been seen since due to injury.

Gallen said that the alternation of halves is one of several features of this group.and

“There’s a list of problems, I sat down today and wrote them down,” he said on Nine. 100% Feet.

“I immediately thought about their side and where they are and their backs, their backs have been a big part of their success over the years.

“Tedesco didn’t have his best season… so I feel like their spine is mixed.”

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The Roosters also struggled with the loss of Angus Crichton earlier in the season due to psychological reasons, while Joseph Sua’ali’i’s signing with Australian Rugby sparked further anger, as Gallen found out.

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However, the biggest problem with the NRL legend is the loss of knowledge.and

“I just feel like with all that’s been said, they’ve lost what the Roosters are saying,” Gallen said.

“The Roosters to me have always been strong, brave, very brave for the forwards, I just feel like they are in the game, they are in the game to the point where things are against them. It seems to have fallen completely.

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“I find that when Jared’s (Waerea-Hargreaves) doesn’t have the floor, he lacks leadership there. He would but I feel like it’s not just Atambalas.

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“And as I’ve said every time I’ve played the Roosters, they’re a very tough side and a very brave side, no matter what you do they’re always in the fight to the end, I just feel like at the moment it’s not there. You always fight.”

Gallen also challenged the performance of the Roosters halves by hook and boot

“I think their kicking game is not good… their lines don’t run very well, I feel like their halves don’t have a good kicking game this year,” he said.

“That’s a hell of a lot of trouble and that’s why they’re where they are on the ladder.”

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