Tragedy of Hannity Town Hall Shows Jack Smith Has Blown the Trumpet


Trump’s Fox News town hall in Iowa featured Sean Hannity guiding Trump through all of his conversations and, at times, giving him a point if the event highlighted questions about Trump’s ability to become president.

Sometimes Hannity sets up Trump and sees the former president leave:

Hannity had to correct Trump when he got his Biden Confused plots:

Hannity gave several episodes to the cocaine found in the White House. In each of these, Hannity delivers a leading monologue Trumpet with the hand, and the former president would reply:

It’s worth asking if that’s the real reason Trump is refusing to appear at Republican conventions then they cannot keep up with the other candidates on stage.

Donald Trump talking to Sean Hannity was the same person who was the candidate in 2016 or even the same person. who passed Kaitlin Collins a few months ago on CNN.

The lies were there. The speculation was there, but the energy wasn’t in Trump’s Iowa hall for Hannity.

One thing that has changed is that Trump has been indicted in a series of high-profile cases, and he appears to be on the verge of being indicted in the Jack Smith 1/6 investigation.

Special counsel Jack Smith has criticized Trump. The power of the former President is over. Trump drew cheers from the crowd like an old practice brought back to its former glory days.

Donald Trump doesn’t have either. They are working under a load of 71.

It says a lot about Ron DeSantis and other Republican presidential hopefuls that even in a country where he’s getting less and less, Trump is still in the 2024 Republican field.

There was something awkward about watching Sean Hannity guide Trump through the town hall. Republicans try to make Biden’s age an issue, but the problem they’re trying to hide is that Donald Trump seems unfit and unfit for his third term in the White House.


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