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  • Tiger Woods is an American golf legend.
  • He was married once, but had several high-profile relationships.
  • His current girlfriend, Eric Herman, is requesting that the NDA be removed.

Tiger Woods withdrew from the 2023 Masters due to a foot injury on Sunday morning, before the final tournament. Based on his Twitter, Tiger wrote, “Disappointed that I have to do WD this morning due to a re-exacerbation of my plantar fasciitis. Thank you to the fans and to @TheMasters who have shown me so much love and support. Good luck to the players today!”

The legendary golfer chased his record chapter six. He was building Jack Nicklaus that he will win the most in Masters history if he ends up wearing the green jacket, which he showed Instagram. It’s a race to be his 25th, and 2021 car accident injuries however, Tiger admitted that this Masters could be his last.

“Last year was like … I didn’t know if I was going to play that time again,” Woods told reporters before the game. YahooSports. “For some reason, it all came together and I cut it, which was good. But I don’t know how much I have left in me. Just enjoying my time here and the memories.”

Tiger Woods hits the links on April 4, 2023. (ERIK S LESSER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

While he hopes to take the big hit and add to his legacy, Tiger is also known for his love life, from his famous divorce from his ex-wife. Elin Nordegren to a list of top romantic sequels. Tiger’s love story, it goes without saying, has made headlines over the years. Recently, dating Erica Herman sparked rumors of a split when he said it is stored for destruction a non-disclosure agreement from a world-renowned athlete.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tiger’s public relations.

Elin Nordegren

tiger wood elin nordegren
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren sit on the court during a basketball game. (MEGA)

Elin Nordegren is a Swedish artist who first became known as Tiger and a Swedish golfer of the same name Jesper Parnevik at a golf tournament in 2001. Elin was working as a nanny for Jesper’s children at the time. The two began dating and got engaged in November 2003. They tied the knot less than a year later in Oct. 2004 in Barbados, with their daughter, Samwas born in 2007. She gave birth to a second child. Charliein 2009.

Unfortunately, Tiger and Elin’s marriage began to unravel in 2009 when reports first surfaced that he had cheated on her. The following month, he admitted that he was unfaithful, and many women came forward saying that he had affairs with Tigers. At first, Elin wanted to save the family, mainly because of the two of them little children. However, she eventually filed for divorce, which was finalized in Aug. 2010.

At first, Elin was very private about the scandalous story, but after the divorce, she revealed how she was hidden from the eyes of the news. “I never doubted a single one,” Elin admitted. However, she did not talk about her ex-husband in the newspaper. He said: “I wish him all the best for the future, as a person and as an athlete. “I know he will go down as the best golfer that ever lived, and deservedly so.” In 2019, Elin had a child with a former NFL player Jordan Cameron. He Instagram it is confidential at this time.

Rachel Teacher

tiger woods and rachel uchitel
Rachel Uchitel was one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses during his marriage to Elin Nordegren. (AP Photos/Splash News)

Although Matigari is said to have dated many women during his marriage to Elin, the most memorable of them all is. Rachel Teacher. Rachel, a nightclub manager, was the subject of the first tabloid cover story to expose Tiger’s infidelity in Nov. 2009. At the time, she denied that she was dating a golfer.

Anyway, Rachel now to appear in Tiger documents to talk about his time with the 45-year-old. “He was, in my bed, and he was my Tiger,” Rachel can be seen saying in the trailer for the special. After the news of her relationship with Tiger broke, she was hounded by the media and paparazzi for months, but then she was able to continue with her life out of the limelight.

Now, Rachel is a proud mother of a daughter, who gave birth in May 2012, and she often shares pictures of her mother. Instagram. At that time, she married the father of her daughter, Matt Hahn, a football player. The two separated in 2013 and their divorce was finalized in early 2014.

Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Woods Lindsey Vonn
Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn at a golf tournament. (AP Photos)

Tiger recovered from his ordeal with a divorce, and yes, he eventually started dating again. He met a fellow runner Lindsey Vonn, a professional figure skater, at a charity event in 2012. In March 2013, they confirmed that they were engaged. Unfortunately, their relationship ended and they parted ways in May 2015.

“After almost three years together, Tiger and I have decided to end our relationship,” Lindsey said at the time. “I always like to remember what we did together. Unfortunately, we all lead very busy lives that force us to spend more of our time. I will admire and respect Tiger. He and his beautiful family will always have a special place in my heart.” Lindsey is married to an NHL star, In PK Subin 2019, but at the end of 2020, he announced this he was brokenalso.

Kristin Smith

Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith
Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith came out at different times. (AP Photo/SplashNews)

Tiger’s next relationship, is a stylist Kristin Smith, was more secretive than her previous boyfriends. The two were first linked in Nov. 2016, and stayed there until the following summer. In 2018, it was reported that Tiger signed a non-disclosure agreement with Kristin to prevent her from revealing what led to their split to the media. A legal battle ensued when Kristin sought to withdraw from the NDA, according to TMZ.

Erica Herman

tiger wood erica herman
Tiger Woods and Erica Herman during one of his rounds of golf. (AP Photos)

Tiger started an affair with the manager of the restaurant Erica Herman at the end of 2017. The two met because Erica was serving as a manager at Tiger restaurant. Erica was close to Tiger’s children when they were dating, and she also appeared to have good relationship with Elin. In late 2020, Tiger and his son Charlie, 11, played a golf tournament together, with Elin and Erica watching each other, prompting fans to ask if they could be “the one.”

As of March 2023, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Erica sparked breakup rumors when she launched was released to terminate a non-disclosure agreement from golf, at Page Six. In particular, the site reported that the 38-year-old beauty cited two federal laws, which allow NDAs to be lifted in cases of sexual harassment or sexual assault – an eyebrow-raising development. He also said in the letter that he is not sure whether the NDA is “legal or valid,” and asked the court to clarify various questions. Before that happened, Erica sued Tiger who said he owes $30 million for locking him out of his house after he broke down in Oct. 2022.

Tiger confirmed their split in response to his NDA court documents that named Erica “old girl” and dismissed his writings as nonsense. “Ms. Herman’s position is without merit,” the document – which was obtained by Hollywood life on March 13, 2023 – read on. “It is an abuse of the judicial system that undermines the purpose of the government and those it seeks to protect.

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