Sukihana Shares Her First Kiss Attempt with YK Osiris


Difficulty it’s opening a viral video YK Osiris he was seen trying to kiss her with her first reaction. Like The Shade Room he said, which happened in June at The Crew League event in Atlanta.

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Sukihana Opens Up About The Viral Event Being Her First Time Meeting YK Osiris

Sukihana appeared as a recent guest on ‘The Armon Wiggin Show’ and shared how the virus works. He explained that the two were ready, “to film a basketball game,” when Osiris approached him.

Sukihana went on to explain that she “came to say hello,” which led to a conversation. As their interaction continued, she explained that he began rubbing her shoulders – a moment that was also captured on video.

In addition, he appeared to explain that the interview was beginning to make him uncomfortable.

“It was beautiful, but you know, I was Good…”

Sukihana then explained to Wiggins that this was the “first time” she had met YK Osiris.

“This was the first time I met him in person. But everyone knows him. “…

Although she was uncomfortable with Osiris’ massage, Sukihana explained that she felt the “vibes were good” because she considered Osiris a “respectable guy.”

Artist Explains His First Action for YK Osiris

Since then, the viral video shows YK Osiris leaning in to kiss Sukihana, even turning his head towards her as he leans back in his chair. Osiris then repeats the same as he turns to the crowd with his jaw.

During the interview, Sukihana explained how surprised she was.

“We are filming, and this is a great opportunity for me…”

She went on to explain that she “doesn’t want to appear difficult in a male-dominated industry.”

“So I’m just… keeping a smile on my face. He just reached out to kiss her, and it’s like he doesn’t know who I am, he doesn’t know how I’m doing…

The songwriter went on to explain that the interaction was “a little awkward,” but it was “playable,” and he didn’t want to embarrass YK Osiris or himself. So, in the end, he decided to keep his answers “professional”.

Despite this, however, Sukihana revealed that she left the set and did not continue filming the ceremony. Instead, she admitted, she cried in her dressing room.

“It’s because I didn’t say that I wanted him to do that… I felt like I was a little embarrassed… I just know that I was uncomfortable.”

Finally, Sukihana added that YK Osiris apologized after the incident and shared his reaction after it happened.

Accommodation, what do you think about this and what Sukihana did and what YK Osiris did?


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