Docusvect Folding Camping Chair with Canopy Review – Cool in the Texas heat

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Review it – I think every comment I’ve made lately has led me to mention how fricken fracking has been in Texas lately. The heat is something you learn to live with, and personally, I’d rather be hot than cold any day. You learn to be smart in the heat and protect yourself from heatstroke. I’m always looking for new ways to shade myself for my various outdoor activities. Docusvect has come up with a beautiful looking chair, and I can see how it works, protecting me from the harsh Texas sun.

What is it?

Docusvect Folding Camp Chair with Canopy is a camping chair with canopy. It also has a rear shade and side cover/shades. It also has an official cup holder and a pocket to store things like your phone or small snacks.

Hardware specifications

  • 35 inches long and 22 inches wide
  • lower the side shades to protect your hands
  • The roof can be high or low
  • tied into purse strings
  • additions behind the shadow
  • UPF 50+ fabric
  • steel frame supports up to 330 lbs
  • cup holder and side pocket

Design and appearance

The Docusvect Folding Camping Chair folds well by itself. The shade of the sun that will be above the chair surrounds it. On top of the shade, two bag straps make this chair easy to carry. I find the handles on most of the bags that folding chairs have, they cut into my hands if I have to carry them any distance. Since the seat is stable, there is no bag to worry about getting lost when you remove the seat.

The side of the sun shade wraps around the seat, with two plastic straps to fasten the shade around the seat.

Undoing the two screws and laying out the legs of the chair as you would any other folding chair will give you a nice sturdy chair. The material is clear and made of 600D Oxford cloth, with no mesh on it.

The sun is still shining on the back of the Docusvect Folding Camping Chair. I think this is a good look. When it’s noon and you no longer have the sun to worry about, you can leave the shadow behind.

To bring shade from the sun, raise the shade above the seat. The film on both sides of the support shade inserts into the seat for a firm grip.

Bringing the shade up and over the chair and cutting the shade frame off the chair will result in a chair with a nice shade above it. There is also no back panel with mesh underneath. This protects your neck and back from the sun but allows air to flow in.

Beneath the sun shade, to the left and right of it, are sun protection rollers. You unbuckle the clip to let the shadow fall.

Under both arms of the Docusvect Folding Camping Chair, there are two strips of velcro. Those lines allow you to attach two velcro strips to the side shades. This keeps the side shadows from blowing around in the wind. These pictures also give you a good idea of ​​the cup holder. It has strong sides with a mesh bottom. This will cause your drink to sink to the bottom as condensation forms there.

With two side panels on the bottom, you are now locked in three shades. The mesh still lets air in, but your head, arms, and neck are protected from the heat.

I took a picture of the top of the sun shade so you can see where the bag fasteners are when the seat is opened.

Here is a shot of the side pocket you have for storage. It can fit your tablet, phone, or magazine if you’re old school.


Docusvect Folding Camping Chair is very durable and well built. I have pictures of me and my spouse sitting in it. He’s pushing 280 lbs, and the dog is about 18 lbs. The chair had no problem holding them both.

We had a pool party last weekend, and I set up the Docusvect Folding Camping Chair by the pool. It was a favorite place to have a little chill and talk to people by the pool. The seat fabric dried quickly. Everyone commented on how much they liked the extra shade.

Which I like

  • Bag straps make it easy to carry.
  • It is a sturdy, well-built chair that can handle heavy loads.
  • Lots of side shade options.
  • Your back is also protected.
  • There is no storage bag to store it in.

What I would change

  • Maybe give it bright colors.

Final thoughts

The Docusvect Folding Camping Chair is now my go-to when we’re camping or need extra space around the pool. The chairman will also travel with me to my high school marching bands. I sit on the track all day between groups taking pictures. This chair will give me much needed shade.

PricePrice: $89.99
Where to buy: Amazon (there is currently a $18 off coupon)
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