Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch: What’s the difference?

  • Nintendo Switch OLED

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    The latest version of the Switch makes a big upgrade to its screen to change the look, but it runs all the same games as the regular version.

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    Nintendo Switch

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    It’s now quite old, but the Switch still represents great value and is cheaper than its OLED sibling, with a similar library of features and the same functionality.

It’s been a few years now since Nintendo shook up its Switch lineup with a new model that greatly improved the console’s built-in screen.

But what does it actually do? Nintendo Switch (Model OLED) to be above the standard Change it? And, as the old model is still readily available, what should you choose?

Here’s how they stack up in a head-to-head comparison.

Price and details

There are many differences between the OLED Switch and the standard Switch which can be summarized by comparing them directly.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has a few new features – a bigger screen, for starters – but under the hood, it’s the same as the existing Switch.

  • Nintendo Switch OLED Nintendo Switch
    Dimensions 102 x 242 x 13.9mm 102 x 239 x 13.9mm
    Weight 320g (420g with Joy-Cons) 297g (398g with Joy-Cons)
    Chipset Nvidia Tegra X1 Nvidia Tegra X1
    Ram 4GB 4GB
    Storage 64GB extra 32GB extra
    Headset compatibility Bluetooth is wireless Bluetooth is wireless
    Show it 7-inch OLED 6.2-inch LCD
    Outputs 720p (handheld), 1080p (TV) 720p (handheld), 1080p (TV)

This includes the battery, which has the same capacity for each model. Both consoles also come with the same processor – the Nvidia Tegra X1 – plus 4GB of RAM. They all share the same display, with 720p60 resolution in mobile mode, 1080p60 when connected and connected to a TV.

This means that all the same Nintendo Switch games work on both games. Accessories too – included Joy-Con controllers – as the size of each part of the console is the same.

They all come with a dock, two Joy-Con controllers, and a Joy-Con grip to turn them into regular games.

Nintendo Switch OLED model vs Nintendo Switch: What's the difference?  picture 2
What is different?

There is a big difference between the Nintendo Switch (OLED version) and the original Switch.

Size and weight

In terms of size and weight, there is little between them, although the Switch OLED has a large display. It’s a bezel that’s gone down on the OLED model, allowing for a bigger screen but keeping the same height. This is why the Joy-Cons are still compatible.

The Switch OLED is a little taller and a little heavier, but you won’t notice the difference.

Nintendo Switch OLED model vs Nintendo Switch: What's the difference?  picture 3Show it

Far and away, the biggest difference between the models is the display.

As the latest model’s name suggests, it sports an OLED panel, which offers color accuracy, high contrast, and picture performance. It also has a better display compared to the LCD panel that is used for standard adjustments.

The OLED panel has a cool white color that gives a very bright picture – it’s a “white” picture.

Also, due to the lack of backlight (OLED pixels are self-illuminating), the screen does not need a large bezel (as mentioned above). This means that the Switch OLED comes with a 7-inch display without increasing the size of the console itself. The Switch’s standard display is 6.2 inches.

Building blocks

Although the original Switch has a built-in stand, it is small – about 10mm wide – and not useful for supporting a computer monitor.

The Switch OLED has a very sharp shutter release. Not only does it span the width of the back, but it also adjusts through different angles. This makes for a better installation of computer games.

A MicroSD slot sits on the back of each kickstand.

Nintendo Switch OLED model vs Nintendo Switch: What's the difference?  Figure 5Color options

Although both consoles come in a classic ‘Neon’ color (one Joy-Con is blue, the other is red), the Switch OLED is also available in a pure white color, which looks nice and clean. Although the port is white for this model – it is usually black plastic.

There have been several special versions of the regular Switch over the years, as well as grey, and these are made for OLED instead, as is the case here. The Legend of Zelda: Tears for the Kingdom limited edition console.


The Nintendo Switch (the OLED model) comes with twice the storage capacity, which means you’ll be able to load twice as many games. However, 64GB is still small, so you need it buy a microSD card separately anyway – hence the price. We have always felt that it is important for a sustainable Change.


Both consoles come with a charging port that also carries a TV connection. Each sports two USB 2.1 ports on their side and an HDMI output.

The main difference between OLED docks is that the latter also come with a wired connection – in the form of a LAN port. This is a replacement for the hidden USB socket on the back of the old switch. You can always connect to the Update via Wi-Fi.

Nintendo Switch OLED model vs Nintendo Switch: What's the difference?  picture 4


When turned on, everything outputs 1080p60 to 5.1 PCM audio.

It’s also worth noting that the Switch OLED port is also available for purchase separately and is compatible with the previous Switch.


The OLED switch has a slightly louder sound. Its speakers are positioned slightly differently, to deliver louder and more immersive sound.

They all come with support bluetooth and wireless headphones.

The end

If you already have a Switch, it’s easy to upgrade to OLED, especially if you play a lot on a TV, where you’ll notice almost no difference.

However, if you’re a new buyer without an existing Switch, there’s no competition in our opinion and if you’ve used both extensively – the OLED model is undoubtedly the best you’ll get. You’ll have to stretch your budget because it’s $50 more expensive than the standard model, but we think it’s worth it – the screen is really nice. That said, if you don’t have the extra money, the original Switch is still a great machine.

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