Greene owns McCarthy, and he doesn’t even realize it

After this week’s showdown in the House, with Republicans passing a bill to reauthorize defense programs that Democrats call “the anti-ignorance strategy,” we know who’s running the show. Certainly not Prophet Kevin McCarthy. He began the week by telling the Freedom Caucus and other concerned members that he would not risk the bill failing to pass the bill. “The Christmas Tree” and all their modifications of poison war type pills.

It took all of 48 hours before McCarthy agreed.

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A whole gamut of negative reforms was passed, from removing abortion care from servicemen and their families to banning books from military school libraries. One thing that didn’t happen? The efforts of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to stop aid to Ukraine. He was ordinary fit of hissy on Twitter.

“Ukraine is not the 51st country,” he complained. “This should not have been included in the NDAA that was supposed to pay for OUR military.” Greene he told reporters that his vote on the whole bill was lost. His “red line” was support for Ukraine.

Except when it is time to vote, he voted silently with the Republicans. Greene promised a “yes” vote for McCarthy to take over the congressional committee when it’s time for the House and Senate to meet to merge their bills.

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Asked if that was what was needed to get him to vote, Greene didn’t deny it. “Well because I have an opportunity to do what I continue to do this week. And I want this opportunity. And I think this is an important opportunity for me to stand up…

But that’s not how it’s supposed to work, and Republicans on the Armed Services and Appropriations committees probably aren’t happy about it right now. Because those seats should go to them. Because they do all the work and have the skills on the bill. And because it’s Majorie Taylor Greene – who would want to spend more time at meetings with her than necessary?

So Greene twisted his finger at McCarthy and gave him the world. Or the opportunity to interfere in the place of Russia in the war in Ukraine. His presence in the committee will seriously affect the bill. It’s bad enough that it’s loaded with killer pills the Senate won’t approve. Now there is a direct threat to the financial future of Ukraine in the mix.

Yet this is where McCarthy is weak: He has to trade with people who like Greene to keep his job as speaker. It also shows how ambitious and reckless he is as a lawmaker. He is weak, thick-headed, and too arrogant to realize or accept that he is being played like a fiddle by the worst people Congress has ever seen.

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