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Real Housewives of New York City the new one Sai De Silva became close friends with the co-star Brynn Whitfield when they first met, but they are filming season 14 of the Bravo series, they hit a bad patch. The Brooklyn-based producer appeared on the latest episode of Hollywood life‘s Watch out Puh-Lease! podcast it’s him NO PROBLEM they told us that he and Brynn were “closer to each other” until… they weren’t.

“During this season, Brynn and I were very close,” she told us. “I think he and I were very close, and I think at the end [of the season], there was a big misunderstanding between us. We have a lot in common in the way we were raised, so we always gravitate towards each other, but I think when you spend a lot of time with each other, you just kind of [say] ‘enough is enough’, you know? Your friends get angry with each other.”

So where did he go wrong? Sai explained that the drama between her and her former BFF went down at Brynn’s birthday party. It just didn’t go as well as one would expect. There was maybe a little [‘f*** you’] in it.” He would not reveal more about the friendship bubbles, which were mocked in season 14 trailerbut he revealed that there has been “a lot of what he says, he says.”

And this won’t be Sai’s only drama this season. “I yelled at some people a little more than others, but [I get] to have fun,” he said. “If I don’t eat, I’m a bad person. I don’t recommend being around me when I’m hungry.” Fans will get a taste of that (no pun intended) when they watch season 14, when the charcuterie team brings the big show. Yes, a the charcuterie category.

Sai is one of them six women who joined them RHONY Bravo decided to reboot the show, following a poorly received thirteenth season. Together with Sai will be Change Hassan, Erin Dana Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Thanks Jessel, and Brynn who was his former assistant. “Basically, we’re all big fans…,” Sai told us, before adding jokingly, “until they see my fans.” It feels like we’ve only been in one season!

Want more? All questions of Sai on Watch out for Puh-Lease! The podcast is available here Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Also, catch the new season of RHONYpremieres on Bravo at 9pm ET on July 16.

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