Kamala Harris Talks About Having a ‘Jesse Jackson For President’ Sticker On Her Car (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

Kamala Harris on Sunday spoke at Jesse Jackson’s retirement party in Chicago, Illinois.

Jesse Jackson retired from his role as head of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the civil rights group he founded in the 1970s.

Harris’ false statement was unknown.

It could be worse than Hillary Clinton’s false statement.


Kamala Harris gave word salad that she has a ‘Jesse Jackson for President’ bumper on her car.

“So, when I was in law school, I came back to California after I left Howard, and I drove a Toyota Corolla. It was a luxury car for me! And I had a sticker on the back window: ‘Jesse Jackson for President,’” Harris said with a smile.

Jesse Jackson was not happy.


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