Jack Smith Explores Trump’s Actions in Trying to Win 2020


Special Counsel Jack Smith has brought dozens of witnesses as he investigates Donald Trump’s actions from Election Day 2020 to 1/6/2021.

NBC News said:

Federal officials investigating Donald Trump’s efforts to block the impeachment of the president after losing the 2020 election have heard testimony from dozens of witnesses in an investigation that has examined the former president’s actions from before election day to January. 6 at the US Capitol, an NBC News analysis found.

Smith was accused of investigating violations of the law in an attempt to “interfere with the transfer of power legally after the 2020 presidential election or the approval of the Electoral College vote” on January 6, “as well as any issues that arose. or may come directly from this investigation.”

The article says that Trump’s pre- Capitol speech may not be chargeable because it could fall into protected areas. However, Trump’s actions in forcing the administration to change the results of the 2020 elections aand the conspiracy of the false electors may be wrong.

Former President Trump has said he has done nothing wrong, but prosecutors would not be investigating his actions if they heard from multiple witnesses that he was innocent.

Trump’s biggest challenge may be any charges related to his conspiracy to tamper with the election.

If Jack Smith is to be indicted by Trump for his conspiracy to subvert the election, then it will be difficult for him to defend democracy since Trump came to politics.


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