Meet the Finalists for the 2023 Social Health Awards

We are delighted to announce the finalists for the 2023 Social Health Awards! It’s been a lot of fun for our judges (and our team) to get to know our Health Leaders better through advocacy. Living with (or caring for) a loved one with a chronic or terminal illness can be difficult at times, but coming together to honor each other reminds us of the importance of this work. Our health leaders always surprise us. Whether it’s for their unique efforts or supporting Healthcare Leaders – all are worth celebrating!

All the best

We couldn’t be more excited to recognize these Amazing Leaders over the years, but what’s even more remarkable is the growth that has occurred among patient leaders over the past decade. The passion that thousands of our Health Leaders, veterans, survivors, advocates, and influencers have is unmatched.

We encourage you to read the whole thing this year’s nominees, which made our panel of judges stronger. They are all truly wonderful.

Choosing the finalists

The three people with the most endorsements in each award category became finalists. The three finalists were selected through a series of judging sessions by members of the Social Health Network. The nominees were evaluated and awarded based on their suitability for the award category, their use of social media, and their interest in sharing information and promoting friendships.

All finalists will be notified individually via email and sent the next means of communication.

Choosing the winners

The 60 Social Health Awards finalists will be reviewed and awarded by our final judges, made up of industry experts and professionals, to finally reveal the top ten winners of the Social Health Awards!

Winners will be announced at our public meeting, Connexion, on July 26 and invited to our in-person celebration at the Digital Pharma East Conference in Philadelphia, September 13, 2023.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Lifetime Success

David Lyons, MSFC


Shrenik Shah

Alisha M. Bridges

Michelle Hammer: Schizophrenic.NYC

Deborah Vick, Co-Founder/CEO of Vicktorious

Public Health Award Description: Some patient leaders are true stars who keep shining and don’t fit into just one category. The Lifetime Achievement Award is for longtime leaders who, years after achieving public recognition, serve as role models for the entire online health community. Let’s recognize the activist leaders who inspire us all year after year!

Health care provider

Health Care Assistant

Shoshana Lipson

Elif Kaya

Kerry Wong

Melissa Talwar (Fibromyalgia Support)

Curtis Warfield

Tori Robinson

Public Health Award Description: The Healthcare Collaborator is a group of advocates who bridge the gap between healthcare partners and consumers. Whether they’re speaking at conferences, consulting with healthcare companies, or using their experiences to help change the healthcare industry, these patient leaders are having a profound impact on healthcare.

Community Farmer

Community Farmer

Normalizing the Conversation (NTC)

Myisha Malone-King

Jennifer Schropp

Doug Kane

Sharon Rouse

Jed Finley

Public Health Award Description: Awareness can be life-changing, but luckily, support from an online community can make a difference. Community Cultivator celebrates online communities or forums that create an inviting environment for newcomers while maintaining a safe environment that people respect and trust. Whether through online support groups, real-life events or on-site discussions – these leaders know how to monitor, manage, and engage their communities with the goal of helping others.

Advocacy Trailblazer

Advocacy Trailblazer

Crystal Kent

Normalizing the Conversation (NTC)

Myisha Malone-King

Gerry Langa

Somaneh Bouba Diemé

Anna Samson

Public Health Award Description: There is no “right way” to promote – and that is the best part of health leadership. This group seeks to identify the many ways in which leaders bring about innovation. While the possibilities are endless, we’ve seen leaders come up with new ideas, books, content, events, communities, and partnerships. Pushing the boundaries and opening a new path for others through education, awareness, or helping their community, these people approach their advocacy with an intuitive mindset.

Social Media Master

Social Media Master

Crystal Kent

Doug Kane

Cheryl Marker

Cynthia Covert, Disabled Diva

Code Green

Geri Rodriguez

Public Health Award Description: Whether you’re posting to Instagram, hosting Facebook Lives, uploading YouTube videos or posting the latest TikTok videos, the Social Media Master team recognizes patients and caregivers using social media platforms. This person is sharing their story and empowering the community through one or more ways. With so many in-app features, we want to celebrate all the ways healthcare leaders are using social media to impact their lives.

Production Assistant

Production Assistant

Effie Koliopoulos

Cheryl Marker


It’s G Mor

“A Hot MS” – Brittany Quiroz

Isabelle Fisher (aka POSY)

Public Health Award Description: There are many ways to encourage patients. The Creative Contributor category recognizes people who are taking an informed approach. Think of patient leaders turning their presentations into clothing, cards, jewelry stores, making comics and more! This group celebrates those who bring inspiration to the market.

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Elif Kaya

Samantha Salvaggio

Endless Heather

Jess Garland

Iris Vasconcelos

James Hollens

Public Health Award Description: As any activist knows, communities don’t just get built! Sharing your story and making an impact in your community takes time and patience, so let’s encourage those who have recently been empowered as patient leaders. The Rookie of the Year category celebrates influencers who may be new to the scene, but continue to show potential. This group is for patient leaders who are 1-3 years old.

The Best Team

The Best Team

Migraine Warriors

IBD Veterans Support and Awareness



The Hearts for Healing Project

International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis (AiArthritis)

Public Health Award Description: The Best Team Award recognizes a team or group that does the most positive work through mutual support. Whether it’s a group that runs an online chat, a non-profit organization, or a caregiver and two patients – this award celebrates those who bring a team effort to their advocacy!

Researcher of the Revolution

Researcher of the Revolution

Tina Aswani Omprakash

Beth Morton, PhD

Melissa Talwar (Fibromyalgia Support)

MamaTieneMigraña / VISIBLE Foundation

Jamie Nicole

Lana Buettner

Public Health Award Description: This group wants to celebrate patients and caregivers who refuse to be limited by medical terminology and data! The winner of this category stays up-to-date on the latest research, drugs, and clinical trials. This patient leader has a knack for turning complex issues into common people’s voices to get people to take action.

Caring for a Champion

Caring for a Champion

Andrea M. Jensen, CHES(R), AE-C

Makenzie Cabrera

Erin Courteau

Parvathy Krishnan

Lorrie Forseth

Holly Williams

Public Health Award Description: Not all patient leaders are sharing their patient journey. The Caregiving Champion team is for caregivers who tirelessly educate their loved ones. Although they may not be sick themselves, they are the caregivers of children, siblings, parents, significant others, or friends, who have intimate feelings that are very important.

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Congratulations to our finalists and nominees! Being selected means that you have made a significant impact on someone’s life and that is the greatest achievement of all. With your support, we are closer to changing the patient journey than ever before. Thank you for sharing your story, using your voice, and empowering your community. Joy to the word of patience!

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