EarBuddy is designed to replace disposable cotton pads

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CROWDFUNDING ISSUES – Do you use cotton to clean wax or dry the water in your ears after swimming or showering? Instead of buying box after box of disposable cotton, an alternative is the EarBuddy. This small reusable ear cleaner is a great way to remove wax, water, and dirt from your ears without damaging your eardrum like traditional swabs. EarBuddy is made of soft silicone material. To use, you simply insert it into the ear canal, pinch the bulb with your thumb and index finger to expose the tip, then remove and wash it ready for another use.

The EarBuddy campaign ends on 09/02/23 and they are working towards their fundraising goal of $11,126. You can pre-order a 2-pack of EarBuddy earbuds starting at $21. After the EarBuddy campaign ends, rewards are expected to start shipping in December 2023. Kickstarter data sheet.

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