Florida Republicans strip renter protections in recent polls to destabilize state

When it comes to governing the climate-ravaged state of Florida, Republicans are nothing if not unanimous: Do Harm. It’s no wonder the state party is focused on getting everything in Florida that works so they can smash it hard and fast. The implementation of Gov. Ron DeSantis for anti-vaxx plague plot crank in the highest offices of state government they may be a classic example of Republicans who are interested in their work, but day in and day out to violate good government wherever they can be found is not a show.

One of the most recent examples comes from Orange County, which has been struggling with the housing crisis and responded earlier this year with new laws to protect renters from predatory landlords. The government banned landlords from raising rents by more than 5% without giving tenants 60 days’ written notice, and penalized tenants who used housing vouchers to help pay. That was the plan, however — until Republican lawmakers took notice and wrote a new federal law repealing the new law and the same protections that have been provided statewide.

Why? The reason for the settlement, of course: Florida Republicans are hard as a tick and builders and homeowners, so all it took was a little ringing in Republican ears for state lawmakers to jump in and stop it.

WFTV9 brought us the story, a summary of the obvious harm this will cause. But the most interesting thing is the gall of these people: The law requiring landlords to give two months’ notice before raising the rent by more than 5% is not really a problem. It’s a small defense, and Republican lawmakers have responded by blowing up a bomb that prevents communities from passing it. each one restrictions on how much landlords can raise rents.

There was a time when Republicans claimed to be very supportive of local government, and the more common the better. The federal government should be in charge of everything, they say, with the states in control as little as possible. The rest can be done “close to the people,” with the community and local sheriffs deciding what they want to tolerate when it comes to “gun rights,” or food safety guidelines, or choose what you want.

This free will agreement has never worked, mind you, because even the idea of ​​putting any law in the hands of the lowest and most corrupt people makes sense if you have a lot of money for corruption, it becomes big business. they hate the idea of ​​not knowing what the dangerous laws are in every town where they do business is pushing them in the opposite direction. Whenever local governments take a little bit of control, Republican Party donors immediately rush lawmakers to do the opposite, forcing the state to take back the legislation. higher level possible.

The result of Conservatism that came is obvious: Conservatives declare the right place to decide what should be managed and how the government has the most power, and any governments that do. no they have power and communism, or they are not affected, or they are awakened.

What’s wrong with Orange County, Florida, responding to rising housing prices with a new requirement to provide lenders notice before paying back the rent by 10% or 20% or 50%? Nothing! Not a bad thing! It’s amazing that it wasn’t a law before!

But when the entire Florida Republican Party is in the pocket of the real estate industry, all it takes is looking for a little safety net to reopen. Repeat that over and over, and you have the state of Florida. It would be nice to one day find out that this was all due to blatant corruption in government, suitcases full of money being handed out as Halloween candy. Because like that no that, then Florida Republicans have been destroying everything from public colleges to history education for major employers to housing elections because they are committed to destroying things.

It can’t be perfect, it’s so perfect. So what is hell?

Sign the petition: Say DeSantis, Florida Republican.


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