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Dee Bowden is the founder of BCS Solutions, and the author of this book Save the Money. They work with small businesses that want to solve their financial problems. Its mission is to enable businesses to do business. After collecting $6 million in 60 days working for a small IT company, he realized that many small businesses fell into the trap of losing money because they didn’t collect on their debts. He has been featured in Forbes, Enterprise, and Thriving Global Magazine. One of the techniques they use is repeating affirmations. For more information, contact him at

I don’t know what small business hasn’t faced some cash flow problem at some point. If you know, you’re in the right place because today’s guest, Dee Bowden, tells us how to get the money.

“There needs to be a paradigm shift – as confident as you want to sell, you need to be confident in asking for the money.” – Dee Bowden

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This week on the SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Marketing and AR go hand in hand.
  • Payroll tracking to earn money and stay in business.
  • Why is it difficult to collect the money you owe?
  • Tracking payments to measure incoming traffic.
  • The quality is in the tracking.
  • Building relationships to get paid on time.
  • Why you need warranties on your AR collection.
  • Make it easy for your customers to pay you.

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