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Although Adele35, cast a subtle shadow Tom Sandoval40, at his concert a few weeks ago, the Vanderpump Rules the star was changed. For new discussions and TMZ on Jul. 11 (see video here), Tom made it clear he wasn’t upset with the “Easy on Me” hitmaker for admitting he was “trash” at the time. Living in Las Vegas last month. “I heard that it was someone who was in the group of people who said something that I didn’t think was him,” explained the journalist.

Tom Sandoval responds to Adele's comments
Tom Sandoval responded to Adele’s comments about the abuse she did during a new interview. (MEGA)

When the reporter explained to Tom that Adele “really” called him “trash” because cheat his ex, Ariana Madix, 38 years old, Tom was quick to express his opinion. “I think everyone who has been told something the story of me he would think the same,” said the 40-year-old. “I can’t knock him for that.” As many know, Tom has been dominating the headlines this year after it was revealed in March that he cheated on Ariana. and his friend and co-star, Rachel Leviss28.

After hearing what Adele said about him on the show last month, Ariana’s lover he went to go out Adele to the reporter. “I mean she’s a very talented woman,” he said with a laugh. “I’ve never been to her concerts, but I would enjoy an Adele show.” Before he finished chatting with TMZ, Tom went on to call what the 35-year-old did to him “normal” considering trick play. “I think it’s unusual for Adele to feel whatever she feels,” he said.

As we said before, a Grammy winner spoke about #Scandoval at his concert in Las Vegas last month and agreed with a fan who called the Schwartz & Sandy co-founder “garbage” fraud on his long friend. “What has this man lied about?”, Adele asked the audience on her show (see movie above). “Does anyone know anything about this?” Vanderpump things? What does the man do? What does that person do?” After a fan quickly responded that Tom was “trash,” Adele replied, “He’s trash.” I agree.”

Soon Adele’s video talks about Tom fraud fraud went well, with many fans taking the video’s comments to task after seeing the UK native’s performance in the drama. “How about going back to the mic to explain everything,” one fan joked, while another joked, “That’s all.”

Recently, Ariana took to Instagram to share picture about taking out the trash from her new relationship with Glad on Jul. 11. “There’s something about POWER,” he captioned it. “Stronger than ever @GladProducts. Out with the old and in with the new! Even though Ariana didn’t mention her ex, many of her followers took the comment to be a diss to Tom. “SHE TOOK IT!!! (Again),” one fan wrote, while another added, “Why are you holding Tom like that?!”

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