China is planning naval exercises with Russia in a show of continued support amid the conflict in Ukraine

BEIJING: China said on Wednesday it had sent naval vessels to prepare for joint exercises with the Russian military, in a sign of Beijing’s continued support for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.
The move comes despite a massive economic and humanitarian crisis resulting from the 16th month of carnage, sea and land.
China maintains its neutrality, but has accused the US and its allies of provoking Russia and has maintained strong economic, diplomatic and trade ties with Moscow.
The operation involves more than 10 ships and 30 aircraft in total, according to China’s Xinhua News Agency.
The ministry and Xinhua did not say much, but the game is believed to be launched in other parts of the Sea of ​​Japan in the coming days.
China has reliably supported Russia in opposing US opposition to the invasion of Ukraine in international forums, but says it will not supply weapons to all sides of the war.
The Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday that the Chinese ships made contact with their Russian counterparts in the afternoon.
These included the destroyers Qiqihar and Guiyang, the guided-missile frigates Zaozhuang and Rizhao and the submarine Taihu.
The Chinese ships carried four helicopters, the report said.
Russian participants included the Gromkiy and Otlichnyy frigates, which have been hosting visitors for a week in the financial hub of Shanghai, China’s largest city and largest port.
Russian warships are arriving in China as the countries reaffirm their ties amid the war war in Ukraine.
The joint activities focus on ship-to-ship communication, strategic navigation and maritime search and rescue, according to Chinese reports.
The visit follows a meeting in Beijing between China’s defense minister and Russia’s navy chief, the first military talks between the friendly neighbors since the short-lived rebellion of Russia’s Wagner Group.
China has assured Russia of continued support since the uprising. Minister of National Defense Li Shangfu told Russian Adm. Nikolai Yevmenov that China hopes to increase exchanges, exercises and other forms of cooperation to help defense cooperation “reach a new level,” China’s Ministry of Defense said.
China operates the world’s largest navy and surpasses Russia’s navy in terms of size and technology.
The countries’ navies have been conducting exercises and joint exercises since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, as has their air force.

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