Google limits internet access for some of its employees

Google is banning some of its employees from using the Internet at work, according to sources it contacts Price CNBC.

Since I changed the web and its powerful search engine before making a lot of money in online advertising, the idea of ​​a company like Google to block some of its employees from accessing the internet may seem strange, but there are good reasons. behind him.

The move is part of a pilot program aimed at strengthening the company’s security increasing number of cyberattacksaccording to CNBC.

Launched on Wednesday, the program includes candidates who use desktop PCs without internet access, although access to internal devices such as Google Drive will be allowed. Removing the Internet from corporate systems stops malicious actors from being able to remotely use arbitrary code or access data, an internal Google document said.

When the policy was first issued, Google appears to have listed 2,500 people, but following comments, some employees were given the option to opt out while others were allowed to join. Although this is only a small part of the global workforce estimated by Google of about 170,000 people, the company can expand the project if it is useful.

Internal documents seen by CNBC revealed that “Google users are the target of multiple attacks,” which puts at risk both data and infrastructure code. A successful attack could cause serious problems for the company, undermining users’ trust in Google’s ability to deal with security issues. But it’s not just ordinary users that Google needs to convince as it is doing it again beneficial government contracts.

In a statement, Google said: “Ensuring the security of our products and users is one of our top priorities,” adding that it is “always looking for ways to strengthen our internal systems against malware.”

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