Omar Ayuso-Starrer ‘On the Go’ to MPM Premium earlier than Locarno Premiere

Arriving in Locarno, Paris-based MPM Premium has taken the worldwide sales rights to “On the Go,” a showcase of Omar Ayuso’s talent, Omar in the Netflix mega-hit “Elite,” having fun in “On the Go” addicted to Grindr and revenge in his heart.

Set for its world premiere in Locarno’s Cineasti del Presente, “On the Go” also has the first trailer, which he shares exclusively. To choose.

The trailer captures the spirit of the film freewheeling on the road through Andalusia of music, dance, sex and sensuality – although there is no nudity in the film – features, written by Maria Gisèle Royo and Julia de Castro. , which also describes the unprecedented Andalusian tradition, “Corridas de Alegría” of 1982.

From the middle of the 70s, when Spain achieved democracy after 40 years of the arcane ultra-conservative rule of Francisco Franco, Spain left the monastery, creating an incredible confusion with sex, which is captured in music and sex. it is evident from what came here to be known as La Movida.

“On the Go” Julia de Castro as Miracle
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If Spain’s Movida was inspired by British punk, it replaced British brutality with drugs and sex. The original Pedro Almodóvar captures the spirit of the libertine. Likewise the brothers Gonzalo and Javier García-Pelayo, launching Gong, one of the biggest indie music labels in Spain, famously clashing with flamenco and rock with Triana, and in the 4 Andalusian film productions that culminated in “Corridas de Alegría.” The film disturbed the conscience of the people and the problems with the cinematographic film and the unrelenting sexuality near the wonder in such cinema, the unpredictability of the street movie and several good flamenco songs that honor the composers that remember Manuel Sánchez Pernía and Benito Moreno.

“On the Go” constantly quotes from “Corridas”: Each movie begins with the protagonist, Jonathan (Ayuso) in “On the Go,” dousing a nightclub with gasoline and setting it on fire; Cars in all kinds of movies have faulty gas gauges, and they get stolen; and so on.

An important echo, however, is looking. “Corridas de Alegrías” was about themes, friendship and the failure of love, said García-Pelayo.

“We look at these two subjects 40 years later, we are immersed in a time of friendship, eternal youth, and economic insecurity. This story is related to an important time shared by each of us: the last years of childbearing in a moment known to a self-confident woman,” said Royo and Castro. .

Every movie also shares an undeniable sense of humor, which is seen within the trailer. It begins with DJ Milagros (De Castro), fixated on motherhood but hesitant to use an unnamed sperm donor, arriving in Seville in his father’s ’67 Corvair to guide his friend Jonathan to become his sperm donor.

Chacha Huang
Courtesy of MPM Premium

“I want my son to inherit his father’s generosity, honesty, intelligence and happiness,” she says loudly. When he speaks, it seems as if it shows such qualities in Jonathan, who mocks a man saying, “Why don’t you eat my ass?” (that’s the epitome of honesty), giving away cigarettes (generosity) and announcing that the ’67 Corvair is out of gas (wisdom).

The depth of Jonathan’s happiness can also be doubted, not only in the scenes that have been confirmed – flamenco dancing, carjacking at gunpoint while criticizing his ex-partners – but because of the plot of the movie, he is armed inside. the trailer, inspired by the 2021 Andalusian horror song “Gitana,” from Derbys Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, is known for taking the flamenco and rock heritage of the legendary ’70s group Triana.

After burning the membership in Seville, Jonathan insists to Milagros to get out of the city quickly. Stumbling upon a young lady (Chacha Hunag), known as the Queen of Triana, who is said to be a mermaid and must go to sea, Milagros and Jonathan, go to sea through Jerez de la Frontera, far from Seville.

Someone, however, the old man, Tonic, the owner of the membership, is on the way. Jonathan has quick sex with Grindr contact in the toilet; Milagros’ attempts to get pregnant from the stranger she loves turn out to be unsuccessful, leading her to be convinced that Jonathan must be the father. However, Jonathan has his own emotional trauma that needs closure.

“On the Go” is a street film where the viewer does not know what will happen next, whether it is the images of the broken heart of a Zebra fish, or the photo of the great actor Gonzalo and Javier García. -Pelayo sitting at the desk remembers casino and oral sex with tea.

“Our movie works along the boundaries of narrative by moving on the concept of stories between surreal and funny, where something can happen at any time without the need to foresee in the plot. Freeing itself from the main meetings at any time,” said Royo and De Castro.

“With flamenco music and a wicked sense of humor, ‘On the Go’ is a no-nonsense adventure that echoes Almodóvar and Greg Araki’s original films,” said Quentin Worthington, MPM Premium’s head of sales and acquisitions.

He added: “‘We love ‘On the Go’ because of the modernity of its two characters, with Milagros (Julia de Castro) a carefree woman on the journey to create her own definition of motherhood, while Grindr-addict Jonathan (Omar Ayuso) touches on the words that are full of desires. sexual. Their problem of writing a family – dysfunctional in appearance – no longer feels effective and modern. We are proud to accumulate and present on our website New Visions writing a bold Spanish comedy that shines the stars of tomorrow.”

“On the Go” is the fiction of each Royo, the Oscar winner of Pupil (“Rediscovering Pape”) and the director of photography on “H”, the winner of the Movie Impartial Spirit Awards, and De Castro, the founding father of the singer. La Puríssima, which toured the world for ten years, and the famous star of 2015 “Anatomia de una felony.” He also has a major role in the new Movistar Plus+ comedy, “De poquita fe.”

On Go
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To choose had a brief chat with De Castro and Royo in preparation for Locarno:

How has “Corridas de Alegría” influenced your “On the Go” approach?

Maria Gisele Royo: There are standard options. First, the aspect ratio, we shot 16 mm to respect the subject 1.37:1 color. Capturing the images on video was a difficult decision because of the restrictions on what we thought was appropriate. The appearance and results of the process and the limitations that affect the process. The limited resources forced us to work with restricted videos. This allowed me to take many photos that would normally only take one attempt. That is, they were pre-tested until experts and experts fully understood what was going on and they were shot at once, many times.

Which could open the door to a spontaneous, second link….

Royo: Of course, the result turns into a doc of the process, so we see the things that have been collected almost like archives, a book of drawings in which the variables, the actions and the graphics, respond to random events. . Taking pictures in 16mm at a beautiful degree makes the picture look natural and the most popular way. We have also included advertising errors, burns and attractions within the expansion, one important thing in the experimental video, which we review, recalls the use of perforations within the negative, the reference to “El Futuro,” directed by Luis Lopez Carrasco and written by Sergio Jiménez, the motivational consultant on “On the Go.”

Music was important to “Corridas de Alegría” and is “On the Go.” What was the main purpose of using music?

Julia de Castro: We wanted to have a mix of music that we are interested in, the 70s and 80s, groups like Burning, in addition to Ricardo Yunque, remembering the music and the looks they make. Combining this with modern Spanish groups, singers and dancers who also appear in the film: Miguelito (from Derbys Motoretas Burrito Cachimba), Alvaro Romero, Da Mopa and Paco Soto, participants on the flamenco guitar. For an English-speaking person, we introduced an overseas song, “Hearth” from Nina Kraviz.

Can you describe which band plays the song at the most important moment?

From Castro: As Jonathan burns the membership, the rock song he’s enjoying is from Burning’s “Like a Shot (como un estallido)” which García-Pelayos’ Gong introduced in 1975. The song that begins “With this thirst of all time…” and from Alvaro Romero, who plays Jonathan’s Grindr part in the video. He sings, just like I do Milagros. It is based on a poem by the Sevillian poet Braulio Ortíz. Driving in slow motion part of “Gitana.” At the height of the Derbys, Dandy Piranha, drives a stolen car. The song he sings has a quote from the 19th century Sufi poet Omar Khayyam. The dancer at the baptism is Leo Leal, an important contemporary flamenco dancer. “Porque la vida es así,” sung by Ricardo Yunque and composed in 1980, ends “Corridas de Alegría” and “On the Go.”

Video formats vary widely and in terms of flavor…..

Royo: Cinematography doesn’t look for uniformity, everything has its own way. We seemed to be the latest and most popular language that defined us. We combine the possibilities of analog and digital, looking for surprises in every situation, and we drink from the series that comes within our scope: a video filled with energy, vitality, desire and power.

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