Biden to Eliminate $39B in Student Loans After SCOTUS Rejection

Nearly two weeks after the Supreme Court struck down his amnesty plan, the Biden Administration is planning to end it altogether $39B in student loans for 804,000 people.

As a result, it looks like the President Joe Biden it follows after that to announce“The war is not over.”

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The Move Is Trying To Get Thousands Of Borrowers “Forgiveness They Should Pay”

This story came in a statement from a White House Friday (Jul. 14).

In a press release, the administration noted that the US Department of Education “will begin notifying borrowers that their loans will be canceled following the proposed action. [income-driven] revenge plans.”

“Borrowers will be informed by a [U.S. Department of Education] from today if they are eligible to be pardoned without action.”

In response to this announcement, Miguel Cardona – The US Secretary of Education – announced that they are “making sure that everyone gets a fair trial,” by NBC News.

“For too long, borrowers have fallen through the cracks of a broken system that has failed to properly track their path to forgiveness. By fixing past failures, we’re making sure everyone is foreclosed on properly.”

Get started TwitterCardona added, “We are keeping our promise to fix the broken student loan system.”

Joe Biden Previously Declared He “Will Not Stop Fighting” To Eliminate Student Loans

The move comes weeks after the Supreme Court struck down the earlier amnesty.

As The Shade Room previously reported, the Supreme Court to be rejected The Biden Administration’s plan for $400B in student loan forgiveness at the end of last month.

Specifically, the majority of the Supreme Court ruled against the system, and AP news told the Chief Justice John Roberts he said the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act of 2003 “does not authorize a debt relief plan,” as Biden said.

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In answer In the statement, Mr. Biden announced that he “will not stop fighting to deliver what he wants.”

“I will not stop fighting to give borrowers what they want, especially those at the bottom of the economy. So, we have to find a new way. And we are moving as fast as we can.

He said, “Today’s decision has closed one way.” Now we will follow another. “

“I will not stop fighting for you.” We will use every tool at our disposal to help you get the student loan repayments you need and achieve your dreams. “

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