Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Home 40A EV Charger review – EV charging made easy

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Review it – As electric cars become more and more popular, the number of places to make them for people is increasing. If you have a driveway or garage where you can install a dedicated EV charger, it will pay for itself quickly in terms of cost and time saved. This time I have a 40A MaxiCharger from Autel to review.

What is it?

The self-explanatory name of the Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Home 40A EV Charger does a good job of calling out what this unit is. The included program opens up useful information that will help you improve your skills.

What’s in the box?

  • Autel MaxiCharger EV charging
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Wall mount and hardware
  • Instruction manual and additional information

Hardware specifications

  • Connection TypeFigure SAE J1772
  • Length of Cable: 25′
  • Maximum Current: 40mpa | 9.6kw
  • Input string: NO 14-50
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • DimensionsSize: 13.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Enclosure Rating: none 4
  • Status Indicator: LED or phone APP

Design and appearance

The Autel MaxiCharger has a large screen like display that only has LEDs on the bottom edge and behind the Autel logo. 5 icons on the bottom edge are Power, Internet interface, Charge Indicator, Bluetooth interface, and RFID authentication. White captions are printed on the protective layer.

Autel’s logo is an LED-compatible green ink printer (see box image), which is illuminated by LEDs in the background at night. It is not difficult to see the signs at night. It seems that the black deadfront is a carryover from their commercials that have a high performance display in the middle of the air.

There are a lot of settings and functions to access with this app.

Sit down

The Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Home EV Charger can be purchased in a 50A hardwired unit or with a NEMA plug, either 6-50 or 14-50. I received a NEMA 14-50. If your home is not wired for a 240v EV charger, please contact a licensed electrician for installation. I already have a 14-50 output from a previous EV Charger.

For me, the first step was to convert the output format as the plug on this unit was different from the unit I was replacing.

This is pretty minimal for my setup and just involves turning off the drill, opening the panel and removing the two screws holding the socket in place to drop it off. Turn the breaker back on and make sure everything is working before proceeding.

Hanging the charger and installing the wall covering are similar methods. First, you place the plate on the wall. A wall anchor is included but you may need to supply your own depending on your wall hardware. The wall panel is shown below.

I drilled two holes in the holster plate so that I could use the anchors that were already used. I did the same thing with the charger wall plate. After that, you lower the corresponding part of the wall panel and install the safety screws from the bottom using the safety wrench provided. Here it is placed.

As you can see in the picture above, the NEMA plug is incredibly short, which makes it difficult to install the charger. The charging cable on the other hand is 25′ long making it easy to access many different EV charging stations.

Now you can install the program, or use it without choosing. Download, sign up and follow the instructions.

There are other things in the app that you may want to do, but they are all custom so you can do what you want or need.


From day-to-day use, the Autel MaxiCharger has been flawless. It works every time it’s plugged in, charging fast on a 40A charger. The main body of the charger looks good and weatherproof. The charger handle is very strong. Shown here using a Tesla adapter purchased separately.

One thing to call for is the cable. It is 25 feet long and I honestly feel that this should be the length of all the cables. It is smaller in diameter than most cables and therefore, easier to handle. It has a bit of a memory to it, and over time it can look lumpy if it’s bent too much in the same direction. I take both of these on big heavy strings all the time.

The wall box easily holds the entire length of the cable and has a receiving port that rotates about 30º which makes clicking the handle more important and like returning the handle of the pump to the gas pump.

The software is easy to use and adds functionality and a variety of ways to view data. I was able to plug in my power for hours without peaking when I needed to charge and the software did the rest. I installed the recorder around May 20th and it shows until June 22nd for two EVs.

You’ll want to adjust the notification settings as the app tends to announce events in a different way. We set up a charging schedule for EVs only, so when we log in before charging at 9pm, we immediately see a “parking order” warning. Knowing is better than not knowing, but turning off frequent notifications is important. Don’t count too much on the start/stop time as we often switch chargers between cars to top of the other.

Another thing I haven’t been able to test is adding RFID cards that disable the charger unless the card is scanned. This seems like a great way to have a charger installed for a small business, or a way to future proof it if you find your charger getting used up while you’re away from home. I have never heard of this kind of thing happening, but, unfortunately, it seems inevitable.

Which I like

  • Clean look and good build quality
  • NEMA 14-50 plug method
  • A powerful program

What I would change

  • Add two more feet to the NEMA plug cord
  • FUTURE REQUIREMENTS: Would you like to see a dual EV model that would intelligently split the load between 2 EVs

Final thoughts

There are many EV chargers available and there is no easy way to compare them all. Autel’s MaxiCharger is a complete package that installs easily, looks clean and professional, and has a lightweight cable that’s easy to handle. The other software provides relevant information, can help you manage your billing costs and block unauthorized users if you log in to unlock RFID. Whether you’re looking for a hardwired or NEMA model, Autel has you covered.

PricePrice: $559.00
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: An example of this drug was given by Altar Energy.

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