Trump Asks Georgia Supreme Court To Impeach Fani Willis And Save Her From Impeachment


Trump’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in the Georgia Supreme Court to have the final grand jury report dismissed and to remove Fulton County, GA District Attorney Fani Willis from the case.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

In a filing Friday before the Georgia Supreme Court, Trump’s lawyers also sought to block the special counsel’s final report recommending impeachment. He also sought an injunction barring Willis from using any evidence obtained by the jury, which heard testimony from about 75 witnesses between May 2022 and Jan. 2023.

The petition asks the highest court in Georgia to stay any case “related to the special investigation by the supreme court until this matter is resolved.” This includes two grand jury hearings on Tuesday, one of which is expected to be asked to rule on allegations of meddling in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

Jump-starting moves to the state supreme court are often unopposed and rarely successful, according to experts.

Donald Trump Wants The DA To Be Dismissed And The Evidence Against Him Released

The filing by Trump’s lawyers confirms that the former president will be indicted in Georgia next month. Trump wants to remove the DA from the case and throw out all the evidence against him. Out of the blue, Trump started complaining about the Georgia case on Truth Social a week or two ago.

Trump seems to know he will be impeached, and his plea before the Georgia Supreme Court should be seen as a last minute Hail Mary to avoid prosecution.

Trump’s problem is that even if he returns to the White House, he does not have the power to block non-federal cases.

Any case in Georgia could affect him in the election.

Trump may win the Republican primary, but cases like the one in Georgia are a political death knell for his hopes of returning to the White House.


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