BBC: Huw Edwards listed as a BBC presenter in the middle of the cartoon


LONDON: Veteran journalist Huw Edwards was revealed on Wednesday by his wife as a secretary BBC A journalist has been accused of paying for pornography but police said no charges have been laid.
Vicky Flind said in a statement that her husband was “suffering from mental illness” and was now “receiving hospital treatment where he will be staying for the foreseeable future”.
At the same time, the Metropolitan Police issued a statement saying “there is no indication that a crime has been committed”.
The story has been the leading news and the leading story on radio and television for six days in a row, with speculation on social media about the star until it is confirmed.
It comes after the BBC – whose brand is widely trusted – has been rocked in recent years by scandals that have seen some of its biggest names exposed as law-breakers.
Edwards, 61, is one of the UK’s most famous television personalities, and was the man tasked with telling the world that Queen Elizabeth II had died.
The BBC has been under scrutiny since allegations emerged last week at The The sun newspaper from the parents of a young adult, who claimed that the broadcaster had paid for pornographic images of their child.
The young leader, however, termed the claims as “rubbish”.
The tabloid newspaper did not name the presenter, but accused the BBC of failing to properly investigate the claims, sparking another crisis at the national broadcaster.
Edward’s wife said she is revealing his identity “after five very difficult days for our family” and is doing so “mainly out of concern for his health and to protect our children”.
“Once they have done this, they want to respond to the stories that have been published,” he added, saying he only heard about the allegations on Thursday.
Other allegations have been made against the presenter, while three other people have come forward with complaints in the past two days.
The BBC reported on Tuesday that a man in his 20s had come forward to say he had received threatening messages from a presenter while The Sun said he had also breached Covid-19 lockdown rules to meet a young man he had been dating.
The outbreak of alleged breaches of the law is of particular interest in the UK as the BBC at the time was reporting on the country’s third lockdown and how it was being implemented.
Downing Street’s flouting of Covid rules also led to a long delay”Partygate” the scandal that led to the downfall of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
A fourth source also told The Sun that the star posted messages with love hearts and kisses on Instagram when she was 17.
The first allegation came out of an article published on Friday, where the parents said the show paid $35,000 ($45,000) for the photos.
The couple said their son used the money to start taking drugs, prompting the boy’s lawyers to deny their claims.


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