Acenergy S1200 Portable Power Station review – the best way to generate electricity

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Review it – We have talked a lot power plant here at Gadgeteer, maybe because they are flexible. You can use emergency backup power for computers, tablets, phones, or any other device. Combined with a good solar panel (or two) you can create an outdoor power system for campers, RVs, and more. The Acenergy S1200 Portable Power Station looks like a solid option for any of these scenarios, so I agreed to give it a try.

What is it?

The Acenergy S1200 Portable Power Station is a power station – a large battery that can provide up to 1200 watts of power to AC, USB, or DC devices. It has a faster charging time than the average reading time and better storage for the price, as well as long-lasting battery chemistry and many safety features.

What’s in the box?

  • Acenergy S1200 Portable Power Station
  • Cable for car
  • AC charging cord
  • User Manual

Hardware specifications

  • Battery capacity: 1008 Wh
  • Total output power: 1200 Watts continuous (combined output)
  • Input: 1000 Watts AC, 500 Watts Solar/DC
  • AC output ports: 2 x 220V-50HZ, 110V-60HZ, Rated
    power 1200W
  • USB-C output ports: 2 * 5V2.4A/1 * PD65W
  • USB-A ports: 2*5V2.4A/1*QC3.0, 0.9V2A
  • Car output port: 12V 10A
  • DC Input: 12-30 Volts
  • Guarantees; FCC, UN38.3, UL2743, PSE, MSDS, ETL
  • Warranty: 3 years for the entire device
  • UPS: 50 millisecond switchover
  • Size: (LxW/xD): 345*220*180MM/14*9*7.5IN
  • Weight: 11.6kg = 26lb
  • BMS: overload, under voltage, temperature, over current, short circuit, and SOC calculation

Design and appearance

All the ports on the Acenergy S1200 Portable Power Station are on the front, except for the AC input and solar input, which are on the back. On the top is an on/off switch, AC/DC/USB output control, LCD information screen, and a 12V motor socket. At the bottom is a DC input port (for solar or car charger), and a USB panel. There is one 65 watt USB-C port, an 18 Watt USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port, and then two USB-A and USB-C ports each that support 5V 2.4A output.

Below are the AC plugs, which are white for devices that require clean AC power. Up to 1200 watts of continuous output is supported between the two ports.

On the back is the emergency lighting (on/off/SOS modes), AC input (up to 1000 watts), DC input (up to 500 watts, 12-36 V supported), and a reset button.

At the top is a rubbery grip. This feels secure and comfortable to carry for short distances, but I wish it could be fixed when not in use so you could put things on top of the power station. Also missing here is wireless charging for phones and other devices, this has become more common in many units.

The side sticker provides the necessary connection information.

A shot at the top of the back reveals a built-in fan that can be as loud as a larger laptop when fully loaded.

The side view above shows the appearance of the Acenergy S1200 Portable Power Station.

Sit down

Setup is as easy as plugging in your power cord (AC or DC) and watching this thing charge up quickly. It hovers around 850 watts of input while charging, which is a lot for this size of power station. Again, no exact time is shown, but knowing that the battery is about 1000 Wh tells me that it takes about 90 minutes to charge from empty to full (probably faster). It reached about 35%, and charging from there to full was done within an hour. The solar input can be up to 500 watts, but I didn’t have any panels with the correct adapter to test right now.


I put my Acenergy S1200 Portable Power Station to the usual test: running a portable projector while charging multiple devices such as tablets/phones/laptops, and running a gaming benchmark on my gaming laptop. I pushed the power peak to about 500 watts with this test, and the battery drain matched what I expected, about 40% was lost in an hour drawing 400 watts.

Another thing I like is the inclusion of UPS technology (uninterruptible power supply), where you can use this device connected to the wall, and run the equipment from it, and if the power goes out, it will automatically switch from the wall to the battery. strength. With the cheapest units, you are always warned not to store them all the time, and even without warning some lights I’ve tried with them drain and recharge the battery, which wears the battery cells on those units. .

Which I like

  • Good capacity and output
  • UPS
  • Fast forward
  • Long lasting LiFePO4 battery

What I would change

  • I wish the handle was closed
  • Wireless chase
  • No full/no time is displayed on the screen

Final thoughts

The Acenergy S1200 Portable Power Station has earned a place as our central internet UPS – if the power goes out I have our router, modem, media server, and NAS all connected to it and it will instantly switch from AC power to battery power. and I have to run for 8+ hours before connecting to the generator. The compact size and light weight will be great for future camping trips, and if you’re looking for something around this power and power output for an RV or something similar, I think you’ll be happy with it!

PricePrice: $699.00
Where to buy: Aceenergy (10% discount and tax: THEG10 expires 8/10/2023)
Source: An example of this drug was given by Aceenergy

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