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Eva Mendes49, that’s all Ryan Gosling, 42, and it’s just Ken. Ryan appeared in Los Angeles the first world of Barbie on July 9 wearing “E” chain necklace to show his love for his long time friend. “E” pendant was in the movie symbol Barbie font. Ryan made it to the first show, but he made sure to let everyone know what was on his mind.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling wearing his ‘E’ necklace at the ‘Barbie’ show. (Stewart Cook/Shutterstock)

The Gray Man The actor played beautifully and very well Barbie including in a completely pink suit. His fellow players Michael Cera and Scott Evans she also joined him in wearing pink suits to the premiere. Margot Robbie she stunned in a strapless black gown inspired by The popular 1960’s “Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie doll.

At the premiere, Ryan revealed how his daughters Esmeralda8, and Beloved7 – he helped him to work for Ken in Biography of Greta Gerwig movie. “They’ve seen a lot of pieces [the film] and he helped me a lot. It was very motivating for me,” he said Fun Tonight.

Ryan attended all meetings Barbie The game is all over the world individually, but there is a reason for it. Back in 2022, Eve explained why he does not join Ryan in his first films. He responded to a fan on Instagram that he was “free” to post their photos from the show, and he is not comfortable “revealing our beloved private life”.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling looked dapper in his pink suit at the premiere. (Stewart Cook/Shutterstock)

Since their 2011 relationship, Eva and Ryan have only been on the red carpet once to promote their 2012 movie. The place Beyond the Pines. In the same Instagram post, Eva also said that she “still wants to do another video with him.”

Ryan and Eva are very protective of their children and their lives. In his own The value of GQ First story, Ryan revealed about his relationship and Eva in rare questions. He admitted that he wasn’t “thinking about children” before meeting Eva. “But when I met Eva, I realized that I didn’t want to have children without her,” said the actor.


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