Your Daily Brief: US and China Relaunch Climate Talks

John Kerry, the US climate representative, arrived in Beijing yesterday to resume climate talks with China. During the three days of talks, he and Xie Zhenhua, his Chinese counterpart, they will find ways to work, even if there are more conflicts.

China and the US are the biggest consumers of fossil fuels, accounting for nearly 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. The rate at which they reduce emissions and help other countries to transition to cleaner energy systems could prevent the worst impacts of climate change, researchers say.

Kerry wants to address three main issues:

Many observers are lowering expectations for the summit: Beijing, like most governments, does not like to appear under pressure to act. While Kerry wants to encourage China to have more ambitious goals, Beijing wants to focus on existing goals and policies.

But both countries could agree to regular US-China climate talks, which experts say could have a powerful impact. They could also lay the groundwork for major changes at the UN climate conference in Dubai in November.

Conflict: The talks have been stalled since August, when Beijing suspended a high-profile trade deal with the US after Nancy Pelosi, then the speaker of the House, visited Taiwan. Plans to resume talks were derailed earlier this year after a Chinese spy balloon floated over the US.

Promises: The US wants to reduce carbon emissions by about 50 percent over the next decade and stop adding any to the atmosphere by 2050. China says its emissions will increase until 2030, before starting to decrease and stop by 2060.

Good news: Both are close to achieving their long-term goals, experts say.

Janet Yellen, the secretary of the US treasury, called on the rich countries to act helping low-income countries to eliminate debt ahead of a meeting with G20 finance ministers in Gandhinagar, India.

He cited the recent agreement between international creditors, including China, to help Zambia pay its debts. He said the agreement should be a policy to use in helping other countries, such as Sri Lanka, to help Accelerate loans and restore growth while benefiting the global economy.

Story: Yellen noted that more than half of low-income countries were in debt or close to debt – double the number in 2015.

Several Canadian politicians of Chinese descent who are critical of Beijing have noticed their campaign went awry as China expanded its reach to the diaspora.

Canada has warned at least half of its current and former elected officials that it is leading them to Beijing. For example, in 2021, Kenny Chiu was predicted to win re-election to the National Assembly. But ethnic Chinese voters turned against him after criticizing China’s human rights record. His campaign ended abruptly, and he lost.

Story: Mr. Chiu’s case is now being re-examined after a growing number of intelligence reports show evidence of Beijing’s meddling in Canadian democracy. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under pressure to give a public interview.

Texas is known for its love of football. But a The rapid growth of South Asians has brought cricket in the cage.

The locals have made the state the home of America’s first major league, Major League Cricket, whose inaugural season kicked off last week outside of Dallas.

Lives were: Jane Birkin, a British-born designer who was a fashion influencer in France, He died at the age of 76.

Over the years, governments around the world have benefited from increased labor force that helps fuel economic growth. In developing countries, the youth population meant that resources were devoted to raising children, limiting economic opportunities.

But the world’s population is changing rapidly. Aging populations in Europe and China will disrupt healthcare systems. In developing countries, young workers will contribute to economic growth. In the near future, the UN’s work, the best workers will be in South and Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

These pictures show how the coming changes could also shape global power.

In Britain: The NHS, the beloved health service, is overwhelmed with elderly patients. Now it is in the most difficult in its 75-year history.

In Poland: The right-wing government does not want immigrants, but the population is aging and the country needs workers. In a small village, 6,000 workers from Asia are coming building a new petrochemical plant.

Puttanesca chickpea-tomato salad it’s an easy salad that you can eat all week long.

In the novel “Good,” a professor investigates the loss of his friend.

The movie “20 days in Mariupol,” which shows how Russia is attacking Ukraine, is “an ongoing and important story.”

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