What Quality Wear: Wilson Releases A2K A2024 Aso’s Lab


Wilson has released several unique gloves under the “Aso’s Lab” umbrella in the past. These represent new or modified techniques developed extensively by Wilson Master Glove Craftsman Shigeaki Aso. This release has two versions – one barrel and one infield – based on the success of Wilson’s new 1810 model.

The 1723SS is designed for insiders who wear their gloves with two fingers in the pink market. A redesigned wrist strap is designed to hug players’ wrists. This fit is designed to close the glove from the bottom of the ball to the glove or the back. The finger products have also been modified to better fit the two-in-a-piny grip. SuperSkin has been added for durability and the black SnakeSkin accents add an extra touch to the 1723SS.

The new 12″ B23 pitchers take the same interior lines from 1810 (and now 1723). The result is a batting glove that is identical to the two-in-pink. The B23 also has a flexible middle finger to allow the glove to grip while not breathing.

B23 also has a new site that we saw at Spring Training this year. Wilson calls this closed web the Swordsman Web. A black SnakeSkin leather insert is accented with white stitching on this Aso’s Lab model for a stylish look.

Both Aso’s Lab models from Wilson are currently available for $400 but availability is limited.


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