What Quality Wear: Rawlings Drops ColorSync 7.0 Heart Hide Line

Popular The ColorSync line from the folks at Rawlings is back for the seventh time. This line of gloves has a sleek design that boasts a Rawlings patch that matches the glove instead of Red Label.

This drop every year brings out some of the most unique offerings from Rawlings. They released 11 gloves in total and here are a few of our favorites.

My favorite is this one red and tan 11.5″ PRO204W. Not only does it have a nice winged look, but the shiny leather has a nice texture to match the leather patches.

This 11.5″ PRO934 is another stylish meets classic camel strap combo with white and baby blue accents.

For runners, this black and blue 12.75″ PROMT27 they add just the right amount of pop to a dark background.

Our boys at the core were not left behind by Rawlings. This 11.75″ PRO205 with a hand-stitched welt (it’s still on the builder) and the blue/pink accent just works.

All this is available on the Rawlings website for $300.

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