Trump Could Be Indicted For His Test This Week

Former Attorney General Neal Katyal said he believed Trump would likely be indicted in the 1/6 investigation this week.

Katyal said in Jen Psaki:

I think maybe something will happen this week. So Jack Smith sent the letter to Donald Trumpet to say that we are looking at you in particular flew in violation of two criminal laws. They don’t have to do this under Justice Department rules, but it’s so common, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be prosecuted. Sometimes letters written to them are sent when no objection is brought. Here, however, I think all the signs point to this going to trial. You don’t post a letter to a former president unless you’re sure you have the goods.

And it looks like Jack Smith has the goods. There are reports that Governor Kemp of Georgia has been subpoenaed before Jack Smith to testify about a conspiracy of false electors. There is speculation that former chief of staff Mark Meadows Trump may have testified against him in the Jack Smith investigation. And there is something we all know. We saw for two months what Donald Trump did after the November election. And all the different things in January six committees have revealed a lot, leading the most respected judge, Judge David Carter in California, a federal judge, to say that it is more likely that Donald Trump committed many federal crimes, including the two that were placed in the letter of Jack Smith’s target.


Katyal is a genius, and should not be underestimated. The odds are very good that Trump’s government reform will come soon. It’s not a race, but it would make sense if Smith wants to get the ball rolling on the potential 1/6 lawsuit ASAP as the 2024 election calendar approaches.

It’s possible that all of Trump’s charges will come before the first Republican presidential debate in late August on Fox News. Although Trump has said he will not participate in the debate, prosecutors want it to be completed in order to give a verdict on the Republican presidential candidate before they begin negotiations.

Be very careful because this could be the week Trump is impeached for trying to take over the government.

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