Top trade targets for the Orioles


For the first time in a while, all Baltimore Orioles trade rumors in 2023 will center on Baltimore being a buyer and not a seller.

Over the years, when the Orioles have been involved the final major of the business, it means selling star players. But the latest Orioles news, not to mention Baltimore’s position in the playoffs, suggests the team is looking to add pieces to the roster in hopes of making the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

The latest Orioles 2023 trade rumors & possibilities

But who could be the Orioles’ trade targets this summer? Do the Orioles need to overhaul their roster to make the playoffs and stay in the field in October?

After researching some of the Orioles’ 2023 trade rumors, we’ve come up with a list of players Baltimore should look at on the trade market this summer.

Jordan Montgomery

Most of the Orioles trade rumors in 2023 involve starting pitchers. There is no doubt that this is Baltimore’s biggest need right now. In particular, the Orioles would consider adding a left-back, who could pitch Jordan Montgomery on their radar.

Outside of Cole Irwin, who has been terrible this year, Baltimore is without a left-handed starter. With Montgomery being a free agent this winter, St. Louis will be looking to trade him, allowing the Orioles to bring in a reliever to provide their rotation. Also, Montgomery is having a great season and is looking like a starter in front, which is exactly what the Orioles need right now.

Eduardo Rodriguez

In the header on the left, Eduardo Rodriguez may be a better option than Montgomery. Although he has three years left on his contract with the Tigers, Rodriguez could go out this winter and hit the market.

After posting a 1.72 ERA in May and a 2.03 ERA in June, Rodriguez appears to be able to get out of his contract, making him one of the best hitters. sales leads. Although it is Tyler Wells and Kyle Bradish by having solid seasons, Rodriguez would immediately be Baltimore’s ace if the Orioles were to trade him. Forget about just needing a lefty, Rodriguez could be a huge addition to Baltimore’s rotation and change the way other teams view the Orioles and their postseason chances moving forward.

Did Bellinger

While Baltimore’s focus will be on the final downs, if they want to add more bats, Did Bellinger it’s a good way. If the Cubs are out of the Wild Card picture, they will consider trading Bellinger for the deadline.

Although he is not the same player he was a few years ago, Bellinger is still a former MVP and a former champion who won the World Series with the Dodgers in 2020. He will also give the Orioles another option in the starting lineup and in the playoffs. outside.

He can also get at-bats as a DH against right-handed pitchers Anthony Santander it’s been good against the righteous this year. Although he doesn’t play every day in Baltimore, Bellinger adds a lot to the Orioles’ second half pitching.

Paul Blackburn

In the future, Paul Blackburn is an Orioles name to keep an eye on. He didn’t start his season until the end of May and didn’t do well while pitching the helpless A’s.

But he put together a good year in Oakland and could help make a difference in Baltimore. He may not be a starter up front but would add much-needed depth behind Wells and Bradish. He also has two years of conflict, so he may not be a loan player. That could make the Orioles less hesitant to offer him a deal compared to some of the options on the trade market.

Liam Hendrix

If the Orioles have any interest in reaching the playoffs, they may need to add some bullpen help. There’s more you can do, though Liam Hendrix it can be very good. If the White Sox don’t plan to use his $15 million club option next year, he’s the best man in the trade.

Although he traveled to IL shortly after returning from cancer treatment during the break, Hendriks should return with plenty of time to prove himself before the deadline. In addition to needing bullpen depth like any other team in the playoffs, the Orioles would be wise to add veteran players with postseason experience at the deadline.

Hendriks fits that description, which makes him one of the best bullpen tools on the trade market this summer.

Lucas Giolito

It is the volatility that most worries Baltimore, Lucas Giolito should be among the Orioles’ trade goals. He’s only 28 years old but will be a free agent this winter, and with the White Sox facing a losing season, Giolito will be a hot item on the trade market.

The good news for the Orioles is that they have a loaded farm that will allow them to give Giolito a run. While Baltimore may not want to give up the opportunity to acquire a loan player, Giolito could immediately make a difference in the starting lineup and make the difference for the Orioles so far. Putting Giolito, Wells, and Bradish in the same rotation would give the Orioles a chance to hit every playoff series in October.


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