Tommy Robinson Takes on a Muslim Rapper in New Podcast “The Quiet One” | The Gateway Pundit | and Richard Abelson

The first episode of Tommy Robinson’s new podcast is released today especially at the Rumble time 8pm Greenwich / 2pm Eastern.

In the first episode airing today, Tommy Robinson sits down to interview a special guest Young Spraya famous Muslim composer.

Young Spray is a rap artist who has had a controversial history. Originally from Dominica in the Caribbean, he moved to London, UK at a young age, where he toured with some of the biggest names in grime and rap.

A devout Muslim, he now hosts the RTM podcast where Tommy had the privilege of being a guest. It only made sense to have him appear as Tommy’s first guest on the Silenced Podcast where we can learn about his upbringing and the journey that has led him to where he is today.

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