Surgeon Banned From Livestreaming Surgeries

A plastic surgeon who became famous for his television shows had his medical license revoked in Ohio this week after he was accused of showing her surgeries, according to New York Times.

Dr. Katharine Roxanne Graves He was temporarily suspended from practicing medicine in the state in Nov. 2022, the New York Post report last year. The suspension came in the wake of lawsuits from patients who underwent botched surgeries and privacy violations.

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Ohio Doctor’s Medical License Revoked After Patients Are Reported To Be Troubled

Grawe has not had a medical since the November suspension, according to a Columbus Dispatch.

However, he will now be banned from playing in Ohio starting Wednesday (Jul. 12).

Three unnamed patients reported complications from Grawe’s procedures. One of the three had their surgery revealed on Grawe’s social media, the Times reported.

The State Medical Board ultimately found that Grawe “(failed) to meet the standard of care.” The agency accused Grawe of caring more about his online followers than his patients.

Board members also argued that live streaming harms patients and violates their right to privacy. He was also fined $4,500, according to the Times.

Surgeon Has Nearly 1M Followers, Over 14M Likes, Says Videos Had Educational Purpose

Grawe, who is best known for his TikTok handle “Dr. Roxy,” has 825,500 followers and 14.6 million likes on the platform. His TikTok is Instagram accounts have been created in private since the first suspension of November.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Dr. Grawe tried to take his case to the medical board. The Times reported that he accepted the group’s criticism and admitted that he “fell short of the agency’s requirements in several ways.”

He added that the videos posted on social media were created to teach plastic surgery to ordinary, everyday people who think about such cosmetics.

“But, as I stand here today, I see how many videos have come out stupidly and poorly done,” he said.

However, the agency said Grawe’s use of social media “extends his reckless behavior.” They said that these videos were not meant to teach but to promote his brand.

Surgeon Says Her Husband Has Left Her, Children Are Bullied At School Because Of The Situation

Grawe went on to tell the board that her husband had left her because of the stress. He added that his children were bullied at school, too.

He also said he was forced to lay off 20 employees at his Powell clinic, Roxy Plastic Surgery, according to the Times.

A personal website, Roxy Plastic Surgeryit was put into “maintenance mode” according to the site and is currently unavailable.

Meanwhile, Grawe has 15 days to appeal the board’s decision, hospital association spokeswoman Jerica Stewart told reporters.

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