Tino Fa’asuamaleaui ‘owes’ Gold Coast Titans, says Darren Lockyer could be out after Justin Holbrook’s release decision, alone.


Darren Lockyer he believes that Carnage is “in debt Titans“As the manager of the Gold Coast he considers his options sudden shake-up of coach Justin Holbrook.

Fa’asuamaleaui’s contracts with his partner David Fifita include release clauses which has made them comfortable after Holbrook’s dismissal.

The pair have until October to decide whether to open the clauses or see out the remainder of their deal with the Titans.

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Gold Coast have released a statement announcing they will discuss Fa’asuamaleaui’s future at the club after the State of Origin series, with reports suggesting six clubs have put their names in the hat to sign him.

Speaking on the Wide World of Sports’ The price of QLDLockyer said he “can’t see (Fa’asuamaleaui) leaving” the Titans, noting the amount of money the team gives to Maroons representatives.

“They took a risk by making him captain so quickly. They believed in him, they invested in him,” Lockyer said.

“To me he feels like a player who wants to be the leader of the team and be there for a long time…Coast.”

Maroons legend Wally Lewis has advised the Titans skipper to “think of everything he can” under incoming coach Des Hasler, recognizing the success of the two-time winning coach at Manly.

“I think (they should consider) the potential of the coach, it’s Des Hasler,” Lewis said The price of QLD.

“When (Des) started playing with Manly, people were shouting and complaining, but immediately he stopped crying and said he has put us in a good place.

“I hope the players will talk to their managers. It’s not money that controls the final decision.

“For any player, if I could give any advice, it’s just look at where you believe your future lies. It has to be where you go to play the game you’re passionate about, and where you (can) join the game.”

Fa’asuamaleaui’s manager Simon Mammino does not believe the 23-year-old prop will leave the Titans, but said he would explore all options with his client.

“The truth is, Tino doesn’t want to leave. He loves the Titans and is a loyal kid, but he has made the best decision for his future now that Justin is gone,” Mammino told The Courier Mail.

“It (Holbrook’s removal) is a little bit away, but we don’t want to get too emotional. We’ll sit down in a couple of weeks and see where it leads.

“Tino’s intentions may be to remain, but he will not be slow to give and choose coaches and we will investigate this.”

Queensland champion Ben Hunt has been heavily linked with the Titans since then asking what he did with the DragonsBut Lewis and Lockyer didn’t believe adding the 33-year-old would be the right move.

“If you ask us which one to keep, it would be Tino seven days a week,” said Lewis.

“I don’t think (adding Hunt) is the (part) you want.”

Lockyer fears firing Hunt could result in the Titans losing young stars like Jayden Campbell.

“I think the biggest problem the Coast have is not losing Tino – I don’t think they will ever – but where they put Jayden Campbell,” Lockyer said.

“He’s got a good back there … but I don’t know how old Kieran (Foran) is.

“Maybe you could say wait until Kieran retires and put AJ (Brimson) up front and Jayden at the back, but at the moment it looks like they have a really good player at the back.

“You don’t want to risk losing him (Campbell).”

The Titans take on the Eels at CommBank Stadium on Sunday.

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