THEY ARE RUNNING AWAY! Conservative Texas Republican Mayra Flores Announces New 2024 Campaign – Watch Her Inaugural Video | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance


Conservative Republican Mayra Flores shocked the political world in 2022, when she flipped a seat that had not been controlled by Republicans for more than a century.

Although he was defeated in the 2022 midterm, the Republican Party urged him to go to Congress again.

Now he has announced. He’s running again, hopefully with more support from the GOP this time.

The Post Millennial reports:

Mayra Flores is launching a new campaign in Texas to win the House seat

Former Texas Republican Representative Mayra Flores is relaunching her bid to regain the House seat after losing to Democrat Vincente Gonzalez in Texas last term.

Flores, who is the wife of a border agent, announced her run on Fox and Friends.

During the episode, Flores criticized the work of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, saying, “It’s time to impeach Mayorkas, he has done a bad job at the border. Things are not going well here.”

Flores spoke about the problem of child trafficking that continues with illegal border crossings. He said, “Biden’s government has lost 85,000 children, we don’t know where they are. This alone is a reason to oppose Mayorkas.”

Flores announced his campaign for the seat in Texas, saying, “I’m announcing for Congress. We’re taking back our seat.”

Here was his announcement on FOX News:

Check out his opening video below, it’s great.

Republicans should work to get this woman back to Congress.

He is a real lover.


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