These Bad Secrets Will Leave You Buggin’

25. Guess Heckerling came up with Cher’s signature alone? Like if! Something of an amateur linguist, the screenwriter “always writes slang because I just enjoy the way people use language,” he said. he explained The Hollywood Reporter in 2016 about the beginning of this line. “At the time, which was like the early ’90s, ‘Like!’ I was floating in the gay community. And I thought it was a big, purposeful statement. I thought it would be a good thing for young people to say.”

26. Although the quote was included in the 100 Favorite Movie Quotes, Heckerling’s favorite quote came from a controversial interview with Cher: “I think, ironically, I’ve been proud of ‘It’s not an RSVP on the Statue of Liberty.'”

27. Creating a complete dictionary requires extensive research. “When I test kids, I always like new words,” she said Entertainment Weekly. “That’s where I started ‘going post.'” As for the lyrics, “‘Betty’ was based on Betty Rubble, who was really cute,” she shared. “And ‘Barney’ is like, What happened he find him?”

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