The Woman Who Threw Her 36G Cup Bra At Drake

Drake is on his ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour, and concert girls they weren’t shy about their fandom. In fact, Drake has been rocking—and sometimes experimenting with—plunge bras since they debuted in late July.

While in New York on Friday (Jul. 21), a woman threw her 36G bra on stage. Fortunately, he Nothing Was The Same the artist picked it up, noted its size out loud, and jokingly asked his audience to do the same “Find this woman immediately.”

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Meet Veronica Correia: The Woman Threw a 36G Brake at Drake

And while Drake may have kii, the internet has not. Less than 48 hours later, the owner of the black, wooden undergarment appeared.

Her name is Veronica Correia (@olivia.veronica.corr). She is a 21 year old Portuguese and Virgo, at The Shade Room. She is also a mother to a young daughter.

And for anyone who doubts what she said, Veronica posted her testimony on her TikTok account (@veronicaaacorr401). He shared a 23 second video the moment before and after throwing the bra. Eleven seconds into the clip, Veronica screams in delight as Drake pulls her underwear off the stage.

“I’M MEEEE!!!! A lot of girls text them but that doesn’t mean I’m going to mess with them,” wrote Correia.

In another video, Correia went down twice on her claim to fame for the bra.

“I threw it and he picked up that sh*t and said 36G, get this girl right away,” Veronica said in a passionate voice.

Fans Compare Veronica Correia To The Mother Of Drake’s Child

Veronica did not say much about that time, but she also posted her articles from Akademiks and The Shade Room to her Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, people on the Internet have been discussing the revealing of a woman’s back bra. Some have suggested that it is Drake’s version based on his alleged resemblance mother of a child, Sophie BrussauxFrench actress and former porn star.

Keep scrolling to see some of the conversation on Twitter:

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