The US rejoined UNESCO after a five-year absence


WASHINGTON: The United States on Tuesday also joined IS‘s scientific, educational and cultural organization after five years of absence.
The US will return to Paris-based UNESCO it was founded mainly on the complaint that China has filled the leadership gap since the US left the presidency Trumpet leadership. UNESCO’s governing body voted last week to approve the Biden administration’s request for the US to come back.
On Monday, the US issued a statement confirming that it would accept the invitation. On Tuesday, the Director General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, said it was acceptable. A welcome ceremony and flag raising ceremony with VIP guests is expected at the end of July.
“This is very good news for UNESCO. The strength we have gained in recent years will continue to grow. Our efforts will be strong throughout the world,” said Azoulay.
The Biden administration announced last month that it would apply to rejoin the 193-member organization that plays a key role in setting international standards for artificial intelligence and technology.
The US is now the 194th member of UNESCO.
Azoulay said: “Our organization is also going to the whole country.” He said that the return of the United States “is very good news in terms of different countries.” If we are to meet the challenges of our century, there must be a collective response.
The Trump administration in 2017 announced that the US would withdraw from UNESCO, citing bias against Israel. That decision took effect one year later.
The US and Israel stopped funding UNESCO after they voted for Palestine to become a member in 2011.
The Biden administration has requested $150 million in the 2024 budget to go to UNESCO, which should be reimbursed. The plan foresees similar requests in subsequent years until the entire $619 million loan is paid off.
This makes up a large portion of UNESCO’s annual budget of $534 million. Before he left, the US provided 22% of the organization’s total funding.
The United States previously withdrew from UNESCO under Reagan in 1984 because it saw the organization as mismanaged, corrupt and used to advance Soviet interests. He re-entered in 2003 during the George W. Bush administration.


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