Shark robotic vacuum cleaners, air purifiers discounted on Prime Day


Prime Day 2023 is here, but things have changed a bit this year. We’re still seeing a lot of electronics, smart home devices, and small things, among them the best of Prime Day this time includes essentials such as cleaning products, household goods, goods, etc. Included in the most functional categories are Shark’s robotic vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and hair dryers, all of which are heavily discounted on Amazon right now. There are so many, of course, that it’s best to look for yourself and see what you can find. Of course, if you want to take a quick look at some of our top picks, you’ll find them here, too.

Shark is a well-known specialist in home technology, including robotic vacuum cleaners, air cleaners, and – you guessed it – hair dryers, all of which are included in the special Prime Day sale. Let’s not forget the upright and cordless vacuums, as they are also included! But you might be wondering, what’s the big deal? Why should I buy all these tools?

Honestly, it’s always up to you, but we recommend picking up any of the items on sale because they’re heavily discounted, and Shark products don’t go on sale very often. If you want a cheap but capable robot vacuum, for example, you can do something like

which has WiFi and works with Alexa. It’s usually $230 but it’s on sale for $130 right now, which means you’ll save $100 with this one. If you’re looking for a robot vacuum that’s a little more advanced, with a bare base, you’re in for a treat.

which retails for $250 – saving you about $250.

Don’t like robotic cleaners and prefer to do it yourself? No problem. The

A cordless stick vacuum is what you need. Don’t be put off by the “pet” moniker, because it’s a wireless hotspot for any home or family, and not just for cleaning with fur. It also comes with several different tools and accessories, such as a dust brush and many tools for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. This deal saves you $110, as you can pick up the Shark IZ363HT cordless vacuum for $240 right now instead of its regular price of $350.

Air purifiers are another technology option to consider, providing clean and odor-free air in your home – essentially improving indoor air quality for you and your family. The

it’s just $130, down from its regular price of $240 – saving you $110.

The prices are amazing, but again, we recommend that you check out the entire sale to see if there’s anything else you might want that we haven’t covered. There are several different methods for each type of device. They won’t last long either, because Prime Day is a two-day event that ends on July 12, so grab whatever you want today. It can be nothing if you don’t.

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