The US heat wave is a beast of its own making

Grow up / The sun sets over a storm in Peoria, Arizona, July 11, 2023. (credit: Ash Ponders/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Just three weeks after a third of the US population was pulse and air quality information thank you smoking from the fire that caused climate change in Canada, 100 million Americans are now under heat warnings. A very hot air system, known as the heat dome, has settled in the West and South, which is causing the temperature to be very high.

The map below shows extreme heat warnings in purple and heat advisories in orange, and the forecast is as follows. things will get worse until the end of the week. High quality will be available above 110° Fahrenheit in Phoenix; California’s Death Valley is flirting with 130 °; and The Texas grid is struggling to keep the AC on.

(credit: NWS)

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