The GOP’s golden boy was fired for misogyny on Facebook

The latest sad news from Montana Republican Tim Sheehy, the A former Navy SEAL and aerospace company executive who was hired by Republicans to take on Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat, is the leader. a report from Insider’s Bryan Metzger explains Sheehy’s latest Facebook posts date from 2006 to 2008.

One featured a photo of Sheehy in a robe and keffiyeh next to friends who appear to be playing Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il. Another had a picture of a woman with exposed breasts; Sheehy, apparently referring to his now-wife, wrote, “I put her as carmen and she didn’t write it…bullshit.”

Other photos Sheehy released at the time showed the student, who was a student at the US Naval Academy at the time, and his friends partying, including a shot of a man who appears to be drinking from a bottle between a woman’s breasts. Sheehy, who tagged a friend in the photo, included the comment “I don’t think her breasts are that big….”

The Sheehy campaign responded to Metzger by dismissing the posts as “photographs of teenagers walking around.” It also offered a nod to Washington Post reporter Ben Terris he also said that, while visiting Tester’s farm to find out about his background, the senator “suddenly began to save himself in the pea field next to his tractor without covering himself.” Sheehy is the speaker argued“He or his staff have yet to explain why a 66-year-old man would see such behavior as appropriate,” he added, “So, spare us your hypocrisy and the harassment of a war hero for child abuse.”

Sheehy, however, is just the latest in a long line of Republicans in recent years who have drawn negative attention on social media, including some who have previously run for office. Democrats last year reacted quickly after CNN reported that John Gibbs, the GOP nominee for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, was he argued loudly like a college student In the early 2000s that women “didn’t belong [sic] conditions to control. ” Gibbs rejoined and praised the misogynist website by saying that. women’s rights he turned America into a “barbarian country.”

Gibbs’ group, like Sheehy’s campaign this week, also insisted that his scandals were just the result of “a college kid growing up.” This excuse did not stop his Democratic opponent, Hillary Scholten, from leaving advertising to challenge his words, which made him great Price of 55-42 and turn the chair.

Another 2022 Republican hopeful, Oregon’s Alek Skarlatos, also came under scrutiny last year for his lifestyle. a history of lewd and lascivious behavior for women on social media. These included “liking” Instagram photos of 15-year-old girls in revealing clothes and “laughing” at women who died violently during sex. Like Gibbs, House Democrats He didn’t hesitate to run ads to educate the voters about the nature of Skarlatos, and continued losing District 4 to Val Hoyle 51-43.

In some cases, it’s so offensive that Republicans have abandoned their constituents because of their offensive posts online, including in New Jersey. Seth Grossman in 2018 it’s California Ted Howze in 2020. The GOP, however, has more tolerance for candidates who seem likely: As the media continues. check the old reviews from North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson—including a 2017 Facebook post that declared, “I’m so sick of seeing and hearing people talk about the Nazis and Hitler and how evil and corrupt they were”—popular Republicans are still committed to their nominees. to the governor.

Sheehy himself has faced a lot of negative press since news broke about his Senate dreams, albeit of a different kind. Last week, Bloomberg published a piece suggesting that his aerospace company he earns most of his money from the federal government, which could create a potential debate if it goes to the Senate.

Sheehy’s first news in late June before the campaign began rewritten how he describes himself as a true “cowboy”. he has two houses; quickly opposes the right to abortion in a state where an abortion ban failed at the ballot box last year; and the defendant in a plane crash that seriously injured a 17-year-old boy on the ground; He just moved to Montana in 2014—he’s from Minnesota. (It didn’t help that Sheehy was either they were just fired from using stock photos (on his website that he says shows the state of agriculture in the state he wants to represent that was taken from Kentucky and Ukraine.)

Republican leaders, however, are sticking up for Sheehy, who they see as a prize winner. Indeed, a day after the Insider story broke, Politico reported that NRSC chairman Steve Daines, Montana’s senior senator, had said so. have money to make Sheehy at the end of this month. The only viable option for Sheehy, by contrast, is Rep. Matt Rosendale, whose 2018 loss against Tester left viewers unimpressed. Congress, who says he has been telling people plans to try again, responded to Sheehy’s inauguration last month by tweeting, “Now Washington has two candidates – Tim Sheehy and Jon Tester – who will protect the DC cartel.”

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