Dublin v Monaghan – Preview, live results & preliminary groups


Clash of Titans: Dublin vs. Monaghan – All-Ireland Football Semi-Final Preview

The game is set for a huge showdown as Dublin and Monaghan prepare to meet in the All-Ireland Football Semi-Final. With their eyes fixed on where they will be left at the end, both teams are eager to show talent, skill and determination.

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Dublin Reign: A Championship Force

Dublin go into the semi-final as reigning Leinster champions, having maintained an unbeaten record throughout the campaign. Their journey so far has seen them win six out of seven games, with only a draw. Led by an exceptional group of talent, Dublin have shown their dominance on the pitch, leaving the opposition behind.

1. Path to Semi-Finals:
– Dublin 4-30 Laois 2-9 (Leinster quarter-final)
– Dublin 0-14 Kildare 0-12 (Leinster semi-final)
– Dublin 5-21 Louth 0-15 (Leinster final)
– Dublin 1-11 Roscommon 0-14 (All-Ireland Group 3)
– Dublin 0-22 Kildare 0-13 (All-Ireland Group 3)
– Dublin 3-23 Sligo 0-8 (All-Ireland Group 3)
– Dublin 2-18 Mayo 0-12 (All-Ireland quarter-final)

2. Scorers:
– Con O’Callaghan: 2-26 (0-4 clearances, 0-3 marks)
– Colm Basquel: 5-16 (0-1 free)
– Cormac Costello: 0-18 (0-9 frees, 0-2 ’45s’)
-Paul Mannion: 1-13 (0-2 clearance)
-Sean Bugler: 1-12

Monaghan Endurance: Overcoming Adversity

Monaghan have shown commendable resilience on their way to the semi-finals. Winning four matches, drawing one, and losing two of their seven matches, they have battled a tough road so far. Although their path has not been without obstacles, Monaghan’s determination and ability to overcome adversity make them a strong opposition in Dublin.

1. Path to Semi-Finals:
– Monaghan 2-17 Tyrone 1-18 (Ulster quarter-final)
– Derry 1-21 Monaghan 2-10 (Ulster semi-final)
– Monaghan 0-14 Derry 0-14 (All-Ireland Group 4)
– Monaghan 1-23 Clare 1-18 (All-Ireland Group 4)
– Donegal 0-19 Monaghan 0-17 (All-Ireland Group 4)
– Monaghan 1-11 Kildare 0-13 (Quarter Final)
– Monaghan 0-14 Armagh 0-14 – Monaghan won 9-8 on penalties (All-Ireland quarter-final)

2. Scorers:
– Jack McCarron: 0-21 (0-7 clearance, 0-1 mark)
– Conor McManus: 0-19 (0-16 frees)
– Conor McCarthy: 2-12 (0-1 free)
– Michael Bannigan: 0-15 (0-4 frees)
-Gary Mohan: 0-8 (0-1 mark)

Head-to-Head: Past Tournament Meetings

Looking at their previous competition, Dublin have already won against Monaghan. Incidentally, Dublin won the 2017 All-Ireland final, winning by ten points. However, recent Allianz League encounters have shown Monaghan’s ability to challenge Dublin, with Monaghan winning three and drawing once in their four meetings.

Semi-Final History:

Dublin’s Consistency and Monaghan’s Struggles

Dublin’s semi-final record has been impressive, winning seven of their last ten games. However, in the last two years, they have been defeated by Mayo in 2021 and Kerry in 2022, adding an element of redemption and encouragement to Dublin in this year’s semi-final. On the other hand, Monaghan struggled in the semi-finals, with just one win in their last ten attempts. However, they will be willing to ignore the obstacles and make their mark against the ruling elite.

A Critical Look at Statistics

– Dublin have gone 2-20 per game in their last seven league games, showing their offensive prowess.
– Monaghan have averaged 1-15 in each game, with 1-23 against Clare and a lowly 0-12 (at the end of normal time) against Armagh.
– The most recent meeting between Dublin and Monaghan in the Allianz League saw Monaghan win, including a big win in 2022, which sent Dublin to Division 2.
– Donegal in 2014 were the last Ulster county to beat Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final, while Armagh in 2002 were the last Ulster side to do so.
– Dublin’s recent semi-final losses against Mayo and Kerry will fuel their determination to avoid a three-year run of semi-final defeats.

Dublin v Monaghan First Teams

The Monaghan team will be released before 1pm on Friday.

First team Dublin v Monaghan in All Ireland 2023 semi-final

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