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When Bradman Best scored his second try for the first time, pictures were taken of coach Brad Fittler in the box, with the Panthers coach. Ivan Cleary mostly smiling softly.

The two-time NRL Premier winner was Fittler’s special guest, stepping into the box at the start of the game, wearing a jersey. Blue track suit.

One of the best coaches in the game, Cleary’s advice to Fittler would have given him a boost 24-10 winand the Blues coach explains the simple reason why he stayed there.

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“I just asked him if he would come and sit in the box,” Fittler said at the post-match press conference.

“I admire him, the way he plays and I think he can help tonight.”

Although Fittler did not want to reveal what he discussed with Cleary, he explained that there were many discussions

“I asked him a lot of questions … he got good answers,” she said.

The Sydney Morning Herald A NSWRL official said Cleary was “irresponsible”.

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A three-game win for NSW would go a long way to helping Fittler extend his contract with the NSWRL, despite losing his second series in a row.

The coach admitted it would help when asked about his future.

“At the end of the day, it may have affected what the board will decide because it will decide who will be the coach in the future,” he said.

Teddy put Best away for a second try

“I’m collecting he will talk to me about how I feel and if I have the strength and if I want to do it so that he can play well today and win a lot (it’s good). 30 would be different.

Although he was confident about the results, Fittler did not mention whether he wanted to continue with the part.and

“We’ll wait and see. I’m still here for a few months so we’ll wait and see,” he said

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