Jerry Nadler Derails Jim Jordan Hears Truth About Russia And GOP

House Judiciary Committee member Jerry Nadler revealed the real reason Republicans are attacking the FBI. Nadler said the GOP wants Russia to interfere with Trump’s 2024 election.


Nadler said:

According to the committee’s Republicans, the group’s efforts to track foreign affairs are increasingly focused on attacks on rhetoric and nonsensical statements that are not consistent with restricting American free speech and, in fact, help ensure that America’s voice is heard by stopping Russia’s actions. fields. Make no mistake, in making these claims the Republicans have everything, but they rolled out the red carpet for Russia to interfere in our elections because they believe that doing so will help Trump get elected in 2024, and that is the goal of the Republicans today.

Republicans say the FBI is armed. The attack on Director Wray, and the repeated calls, repeats, calls back to the FBI, these are not idle actions. It is a clarion call to anti-government people and that call is being heard. Last year Director Wray faced several death threats. FBI agents faced more threats in the months following the Mar-a-Lago investigation than they did all of last year. The problem has gotten so bad that the FBI has decided to set up a new task force to deal with threats to FBI agents and employees.

It is long overdue for the Republicans to realize the consequences of their actions. They may want to downplay Trump’s behavior and blame the FBI for his downfall, no matter what they say, Trump endangered the security of the United States and lied to the government instead of paying them back. Donald Trump must be held accountable, and in the end, no matter how many Republicans attack Director Wray or the FBI or the Mar-a-Lago investigation, I trust the law. Trump will have his day in court.

Republicans did not recover well from the trial, as their conspiracy theories were challenged by Democrats in the trial. The difference between Republicans and Democrats in how they feel about the FBI’s oversight is stark. Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are mostly judicial experts with government oversight experience.

The Republicans on the committee are partisans who have a vested interest in pushing conspiracy theories so they can get a spot on Fox News or Newsmax.

House Republicans want Russia to interfere in the 2024 election to help Trump, and are using their majority to weaken FBI and national security protections from foreign election interference.

Nadler, who was the ranking member, called and explained the case before the Republicans had a chance to begin.

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