SF Giants 2023 trade rumors: The best trade targets


Despite the ups and downs of this year, the San Francisco Giants are in the running, leading to many trade rumors for the SF Giants in 2023. Although they may not be candidates the best players availablewith the Giants’ depth chart taking a hit, San Francisco has obvious needs heading into the deadline.

SF Giants 2023 trade rumors and expectations

But who will be the Giants’ trade targets this summer? There are several areas San Francisco could look to replace, so the Giants’ list of possible trade prospects is long.

It remains to be seen which positions the Giants value most. But based on the latest SF Giants rumors in 2023, let’s take a look at some of the available trade candidates that make sense for the Giants to pursue before the trade deadline.

Mark Canha

Although the Mets aren’t exactly marketers, Mark Canha is a person who can be there. His playing time with the Mets has dwindled Tommy Pham play left every day. That means a team like the Giants could make a trade for him.

San Francisco already has several former Mets on the roster with good seasons, so maybe Canha can do the same. He can play the corner in the outfield and has experience in the starting lineup. Canha is also familiar with the Bay Area from his days in Oakland, which makes him a perfect fit for the Giants, even if he doesn’t move the needle a ton.

Teoscar Hernandez

If the Mariners can’t do something, Teoscar Hernandez could be a trade target for the Giants. He smashed 15 homers in the first half of the season, providing the kind of power the Giants would love to add to their roster. I am Mitch Haniger at IL, the Giants need a runner who can provide power.

Hernandez fits that description and could play every day in the outfield, allowing Mike Yastrzemski playing center every day, giving San Francisco a lot of energy and stability on a daily basis.

Tim Anderson

I am Thairo Estrada sidelined until at least August, the Giants may need to find a replacement at second base. It has caused Tim Anderson entering the SF Giants trade rumors in 2023. Although Anderson has had a bad season, he can certainly do better than what we have seen so far.

Although he hasn’t played second base in his career, Anderson can certainly handle the job. Even if Estrada returns, Anderson will be able to provide depth in the middle with another veteran in the clubhouse, which would be good for the Giants instead of sticking with a rookie. Casey Schmitt.

Kenan Middleton

If the Giants are talking to the White Sox about Anderson, they should also talk Kenan Middleton. Middleton began the year with a minor league contract but has returned to the level he showed early in his career with the Angels.

That being said, he doesn’t have much of a commercial reputation, especially since he’s only playing. That makes him a good pick if the Giants want to add some depth to their bullpen.

Michael Lorenz

Since he chose all stars and has free rights to the brand, Michael Lorenz figures to be an important part of marketing this summer. With a 4.03 ERA at the break, Lorenzen is not a regular starter.

But he will bring depth and stability to San Francisco’s turnaround. Additionally, Lorenzen has plenty of experience coming out of the bullpen. If the Giants get both starters right at once, they could push Lorenzen to the bullpen, making their bullpen even stronger.

Tommy Edman

Starting Tommy Edman have two more years of contention, the Cardinals may not be ready to part with a reliever, even if St. Louis is a clear seller at the end of the day. But if the Giants want to pay less, Edman would be a good fit with Estrada sidelined.

He is not a very difficult player, but he has a lot of power. Most importantly, Edman can play multiple roles. He can handle the second round until Estrada returns and then morph into a top player. Edman can support the infield position but has also played center field. With another injury to San Francisco’s outfield, Edman could be a valuable asset to the Giants downfield because of his versatility.

Yasmani Grandal

The Giants have undoubtedly been surprised by the rookie catcher’s play Patrick Bailey this season. He has given more aggressively than they could have expected. Backup Blake Sabol, another young player, also held it in San Francisco behind the plate. But that doesn’t mean the veteran will like it Yasmani Grandal it may not be a useful addition at the end.

Grandal will be a free agent this winter, so the struggling White Sox will look to trade him. Even if Grandal is no longer performing on the all-star team, he would give San Francisco a veteran presence behind the plate, which isn’t bad for a struggling team.

Eduardo Rodriguez

If the Giants want to practice this season, Eduardo Rodriguez must be the target pitcher. The Giants have relied heavily on their starting rotation this year, though injuries to that rotation have hindered them at times, creating a need for more depth. Yes, Rodriguez is more than deep.

The way he’s been performing this season, he’s the type of forward who can control San Francisco’s rotation accordingly. Alex Cobb. I am Logan Webb, Alex Woodand Anthony DeSclafani and capable of being a starter in center field or better, Rodriguez could give the Giants a critical rotation in the second half of the season.


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