‘RHONY’ star Jessel Taank attends the show’s premiere party


Her stomach just couldn’t handle it.

“Real Housewives of New York City” star Jessel Taank fell ill at the show’s premiere party Wednesday night and threw up “all over” in the Rainbow Room, multiple eyewitnesses told Page Six.

“He did it on the mat,” another source says, adding “one more time.”

Two additional sources tell us the fashion publicist went into a private bathroom away from the bash and threw up in the sink.

We hear Taank, 43, felt nauseous and left the red carpet early before falling flat on her stomach shortly after Andy Cohen’s acceptance speech.

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Taank vomited on the carpet in the Rainbow Room and in the bathroom, multiple sources tell Page Six.
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He fell ill shortly after hearing Andy Cohen’s speech and was forced to leave the event early.
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“He looked very pale and did not smile or interact with many people,” our first source explains.

“At one point, he sat down at the table by himself to take a break, and people left him alone.”

After Cohen’s speech, Taank was escorted away with his belongings in bags – but he was unable to leave before he fell ill again.

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“He looked very pale and was not smiling or interacting with many people,” an eyewitness told us.
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“She was holding her stomach and she had her hand over her mouth,” the source added. “Then he stopped and pushed it to the top of the stairs. … It looked like liquid and it was absorbed into the carpet very quickly.”

We feel that Bravo PR needs to guide the attendees around the dirty area.

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Several sources also confirm that alcohol did not play a role and insist that he was indeed ill.

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Several sources also confirm that alcohol did not play a role in the Bravolebrity’s health.
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“She flew in from Greece last night and didn’t sleep,” said a source close to the new star.

“It is clear that no alcohol was present. It would have been sleepless.”

Reps for Taank confirmed his illness but did not provide further comment.

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Another source said: “He had flown in from Greece the day before and did not sleep.
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The upcoming 14th season of “RHONY” features a new cast of women, who Cohen, 55, described at the Rainbow Room party as “the right team” for the show.

“Rebooting ‘RHONY.’ Oh. What do you do? What a job,” he told the crowd. “How do you reboot a show with such a legacy as ‘RHONY’ and with an all-star cast that really showed what it was?

“And the answer seems simple: just find a new group of women! No big deal!” he laughed. “And what do you think?” We have found the right group of women.”

“The Real Housewives of New York City” Season 14 premieres Sunday, July 16, at 9pm ET on Bravo.


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