Rami Kashou From Project Runway All Stars Wears Royalty

E!: When it comes to your brand, what aspects are you most proud of?

When it comes to my brand, I take great pride in the fact that my designs are timeless; When you invest in a Rami Kashou piece, it will be just as special for years as when you bought it. The special attention to detail – and the emotional value that comes with my collections – gives a special touch to the people who value them the most.

On a customer service level, I think what I love about what I provide to my clients is making them feel connected and heard, which is often missing in the fast-paced business world.

E!: Do you see your brand changing, short term and long term?

I see my brand continuing to grow in the international market. I’m proud to share that I’ve been shipping orders all over the world for the past few years, and I plan to take that vision even further. On a social level I have plans to create new projects that employ and empower women from poor communities to express their skills and talents through my art.

[I have] several previous projects based on this concept. One of my hand-woven Palestinian women’s dresses that was included in my artwork. Such works have been very successful in international sales, as well as in museums, which have bought the pieces and included them in their permanent collections.

It is about connecting people from different parts of the world through an artificial bridge to create stories.

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