Rachel Maddow Debunks the GOP’s Limited Government Lie

Rachel Maddow used the campaign of 19 red state AGs to obtain the medical records of women receiving foreign aid to dispel the myth that Republicans are the party of limited government.

Maddow said:

There are 19 different states where Republican officials are going to do this. 19 Republican attorneys general in 19 states have signed a letter to the Biden administration demanding the right to access women’s medical records anywhere in the country, including in all states where abortion is legal. They want to follow their citizens around the country to see if the woman may be getting an abortion or some other type of reproductive care anywhere.

They want the documents and say they have the right to go and get them. Republican attorneys general in both states have sent this letter to the Biden administration about their rights when they see access to your medical records. And it refers to women who have abortions, fertility treatments, or any type of care. Possible abortions. Also care to ensure that men and women of all races. They say they have the right to take your medical records to see what you’re doing no matter where you go to get them.

How do you get away from something like this? If this is what they say they want to do, and it is, how do you walk away? The reason why they wrote to Biden officials to say that they have the right is because the Biden administration says they should not have the right to do this. The Biden administration is trying to say that law enforcement in countries where abortion is illegal cannot follow their citizens to other countries to see if they are receiving the illegal care they are allowed. Beyond efforts to protect this at the federal level from the Biden administration, you’re starting to see blue states. Places like New York and Washington do passed state laws saying that no one should have access to medical records like this. Just because you outlaw abortion in your community doesn’t mean you can enforce mine. Here are 19 Republican districts, 19 Republican attorneys say they want to do this. And maybe they already are.

They say the Republican Party was the party of minority governments. These are many things but this is not the only thing.


Republicans are no longer the Party of Limited Government

It should be clear that what the Republicans are doing is not just about women or trans. A change in Republican philosophy is to abandon the idea of ​​individual liberty in favor of greater government and government control.

During the Cold War, this could be the story that was told about communism and the USSR. Republicans of 20, 30, or 40 years ago would have been appalled at the use of government power to control the lives of citizens.

Going back to the beginning of the republic, the danger of crossing lines with the government taking away individual rights has always been known and warned.

It starts with trans women, or maybe women who seek out-of-state prenatal care, but it doesn’t stop there. The loss of individual rights and privacy is the loss of all.

Republicans are the party of big government.

It is the Democrats who are the party of individual rights and freedom.

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