PROPS Luggage Review – this carrier bag has legs!


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Review it – In terms of luggage, bags are very similar, right? That’s what I thought until I saw the carry on bags from PROPS Luggage. They look like regular rolling bags, but they hide something that makes them more useful than all the other bags in my closet! Let me show you!

What is it?

PROPS Backpacks are lightweight sturdy bags with built-in legs!

Design and appearance

PROPS luggage is available in 4 colors including the graphite color you see here. The outside of the bag is made of tough but lightweight polycarbonate.

At the top of the bag, you’ll find a TSA-approved 3-digit lock that secures two metal YKK zipper pulls.

Top of the PROPS The carrying case also has a flat handle.

The second handle is on the side of the bag.

And the third handle is at the bottom of the bag. Three handles mean you have multiple ways to move, carry, and carry this bag.

Looking at the back of the bag, we find a telescoping trolley handle with a button to close the top.

The trolley handle has three sections that allow it to be extended to a comfortable height.

Rolling/moving the PROPS bag The luggage is very easy because all four wheels are double swivel castors with ball bearings. The rotation is smooth and easy.

Now let’s take a look at the inside of the bag which comes with two zippers. The lid opens to reveal a compartment with a mechanical press that you can use to keep all your belongings safe.

The cover has a mesh pocket with a zipper on the outside and then opens to a large compartment on the back.

If you need more space in your bag, you can expand it by opening the zipper around the “belly” of the bag.

The photo above shows a bag with an oversized zipper unzipped to allow about two inches of space.

Now let’s talk about the very special feature of the PROPS Luggage carry-on bag. See the button on the back of the bag? When you put it up, it opens up the curved legs.

The legs are exposed to provide a bag holder!

Here’s a PROPS Luggage bag that’s stretched out and ready to be used in two different ways.

The most obvious way to use a bag like this is probably what you first thought of… as a luggage carrier. Instead of leaving a bag on the floor where you have to stand on your head to remove things, or lift it off the bed whenever you need to, the PROPS Luggage bag can stand on its own, ready. expect easy access.

The second way you can use a bag is a table. You might be thinking… huh? Ok imagine you are at the airport waiting for a flight but you want to work. You can extend the legs and make a table for your laptop.

Which I like

  • A luggage rack
  • Hardshell looks tough
  • 3 handles

What I would change

Final thoughts

I haven’t had a chance to use the PROPS Carry-on bag on an actual trip yet, but I have a trip planned in early September and plan to take it with me to see how it does. When I get back from my trip, I will update this review with my thoughts. But until then, I really like what I see here. The price is prohibitive for many people on a budget, but if your bag doesn’t mind the price tag and you like the idea of ​​having a bag that can be a table or act as a luggage rack, the PROPS bag looks like a winner.

PricePrice: $350.00
Where to buy: PROPS property
Source: An example of this review was provided by PROPS property.


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